Photographer and other suppliers, how to organize a remote Italy wedding. Guide to marriage in Sicily Hello and welcome to my blog, how to organize a wedding while staying at home? In these lines I would like to give you some advice on how to plan your wedding from the comfort of home. In this time that we are all at home we could also think of planning your wedding calmly and without stress. I, as a wedding photographer, already offer the Skype call or video call service for couples of future spouses who, unable to reach my studio, have the pleasure and desire to get to know me. Contact me now to your Sicily Destination Wedding.

Planning a destination wedding Since we are at home for the common good because of the Coronavirus, why not spend time arranging the wedding? Many of my clients live in different regions of Italy and Europe and return in Sicily to celebrate their wedding. On blog: CHANGE OF WEDDING DATE How to organize a no-tress wedding. Rules for a perfect wedding. Ideas to organize a wedding. Prepare a wedding. Wedding reportage guide. What do you need for a wedding. Arrange wedding. Destination Wedding. Get Married in SicilySicily Destination Wedding.

A remote wedding can be organized. Let’s see how!

How to prepare a wedding

Bride in Castellammare by Nino Lombardo photographer

We can already think about the year 2022 for the year 2021 and also to organize a wedding in a few months, maybe in the winter. The most beautiful dates are known, they are the first to be occupied and then, to reconcile the best wedding suppliers it is advisable to play in advance. The three cornerstones of wedding suppliers, who cannot do two services at the same time are: Wedding photographer, Hall or restaurant for the reception and wedding party, Church for religious rite or Town Hall for the civil ceremony. Those who opt to organize symbolic weddings instead have infinite possible choices. But how do you organize a wedding if you can’t leave the house?

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Wedding Organization

Organizing the wedding from home, Nino Lombardo photographer

Wedding things to do. Contacting suppliers remotely from the web is the most appropriate method for organizing weddings from afar or in any case from home, as they cannot go out and shops are closed due to Covid-19. Wedding photographer in Sicily, Nino Lombardo has international clients who contact him online from the United States, Ireland, Holland, Poland, England, Japan, Australia … In order to obtain information from the ITALY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER QUOTE on photo services , video, engagement, pre wedding and more made by him.

How to organize a wedding step by step

List of things to do and how to organize a wedding

  • Draw up a list of the suppliers you need and start browsing the internet. Make a selection on the styles you prefer and focus on what most strikes you.
  • • THE DATE of the wedding, choose 5 possible dates for you, evaluating holidays, distances, seasons.
  • WEDDING PLANNER consider relying on an expert in the wedding organization sector. A wedding expert who satisfies your wishes and comes across for you the various searches and contacts and not least in the project of the realization and planning of your wedding. The figure of a professional who organizes weddings and takes care of everything while you enjoy your day.
  • • CHOOSE SUPPLIERS from the photographers’ websites you will be able to scrutinize the photographer’s style of the wedding professional who will stay with you all day. But also to see churches, locations, floral decorations and much more from the photographer’s wedding website! Request a video call, be it Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime … it will be a way to shorten distances and get to know the photographer.
  • WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Read our tips on how to choose a photographer for your wedding. Watch the Italy wedding photoshoots of the professional photographer in Sicily
  • WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER View some examples to understand if the style is what you want for your video. Contact the videographer that most impressed you or ask the photographer, wedding photos and videos go hand in hand.
  • WEDDING CEREMONY The first step is to establish what type of wedding you want, look at some photo galleries for a religious wedding, a civil wedding or a symbolic wedding. Therefore, contact the Church, the Town Hall or other location and communicate the possible dates to the chosen place to request availability.
  • RECEPTION FOR WEDDING Make an online inspection, view through wedding photographs, feedback and reviews which location you would like to celebrate your wedding.
  • • BROWSE SECTOR MAGAZINES AND BLOGS It is online that print magazines catapult us into the muffled world of Wedding. Page after page we can view ideas, advice and draw inspiration from them.
  • • THEME Very popular; but it is a personal choice to think about whether to have a theme for our wedding, something that can also pleasantly involve guests and harmonize the whole context.
  • • FLOWERS here opens a wonderful world, colors, scents, compositions of all kinds. Today floral designs with their art and mastery of the most advanced flower processing techniques create unique floral arrangements.
  • • DRESS even if it is early and the wedding dress must be worn, nobody must prevent you from dreaming. We dispel the myth of the groom always dressed the same, even for him there are proposals that change according to the type of wedding and the season. For the purchase it is better to wait for confirmation of the exact date of the wedding. In case of postponement for wedding date change, a winter dress can hardly be used in summer and vice versa.
  • • CAR The ideal car that will take you to church and then to the reception could be Sporty, ancient, modern, rent, loaned or with your own car or why not … on a Vespa! You can also think of a driver or drive it yourself.
  • • INVITATIONS Wedding invitations are a beautiful and engaging way! Even in this case you can immerse yourself in the most varied websites. From do-it-yourself invitations to classic in typography to the most original ones made and customized for you. Many also offer shipping, so you can do it all online!

Wedding what to do to organize

Planning a wedding while staying at home

How to organize a wedding in Erice photographer Nino Lombardo Sicily

They skillfully manage to crown a fairytale wedding. Many engaged couples, who live in different cities or both live far from the chosen place for the wedding, are “forced” to deal with distances. We buy clothes, food, accessories and anything else remotely, sometimes we take part in online courses and conferences. Why not organize an online wedding? The most advanced and professional companies they will have the means for quotes and online appointments without any difficulty. As an international wedding photographer, half of my spouses don’t live near my photo studio; but contact me for e-mail. My website is organized to provide a lot of information to engaged couples who are just getting married. And if you want to know: Who is Nino Lombardo, the wedding photographer in Sicily and beyond? On my website there is the biography, the international wedding associations to best photographers selection, the wedding award for my shoots won, the reviews of the spouses and much more!

Wedding preparations

Return to the homeland to get married, Sicily Destination Wedding

How to organize a symbolic wedding in Syracuse, photographer Nino Lombardo

Nowadays, moving for work or study is completely normal. But when we think about organizing the wedding … it is also legitimate to want to return to your hometown to celebrate the most important day of your life. Almost all “my” future spouses do not live in Sicily and contact me by email. Even though I am Sicilian and I have a photographic studio in Trapani, I carry out photographic services not only in Italy but also abroad.

Nowadays, traveling for work or study is completely normal. But it is also lawful to want to return to your hometown to celebrate the most important day of your life. Although I am Sicilian and I have a photographic studio in Trapani, I do photographic services both in Italy and abroad. I do many services as a photographer for weddings of foreign couples who from all over the world choose to get married in Palermo, Taormina, Savoca, Agrigento, Erice and Scopello. If you are looking for the photographer for your wedding and you like my photographic style, go to the contact page, request availability for your date, you will have a timely response.

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What do you need for a wedding?

The things to organize for a wedding can be many or reduced to a small list. It depends on the intent of what to organize for a wedding. Leafing through the photographs of the weddings for which Nino made the wedding reportage, you can in fact realize that, in their own way, everyone is beautiful. But completely different from each other like doing an intimate wedding in Sicily on a promontory in Favignana, or a luxurious wedding at Castello Lanza in Palermo … in fact this wedding guide gives you excellent ideas for what to do for the wedding.

Event in the Torre Doria del Fotografo, wedding in Sicily

How to organize a perfect wedding

The wedding day is a real event, an important event with moments that cannot be repeated. Whether you are organizing an intimate wedding, small, with few guests, or you are thinking of a large wedding, the day must be planned in detail. For those who have time and desire to devote themselves to event planning, search for the perfect wedding suppliers, to plan the wedding day can coordinate and do it on their own.

Or you can rely on the professional figure of a wedding planner. More and more requests to “shake off” from stress and responsibility. In fact, a good wedding planner will make your wishes come true, coordinating both the preparations and the entire wedding day. Wedding photographer and wedding planner will work for you for a perfect wedding album that will contain an explosion of emotions. Watch the wedding in Palermo pictures organized by the Wedding Planner Maria Macchiarella and also view the Palermo wedding video, a wedding trailer in Palermo. On the day of the wedding while you will have fun with friends and relatives, the photographer will take beautiful photographs of your carefree moments, while the wedding planner will take care of every detail that you have already established previously.

Civil Wedding: how to organize the wedding

This type of marriage is managed by the registry office of the municipality where you want to get married. So the first step is to contact the municipality officials for a civil marriage. Municipalities have several locations to choose from to celebrate civil weddings. You can also get married in a municipality other than that of residence, even outside your own country.

In fact, the photographer Nino Lombardo has many international clients. They are called destination wedding in Italy. You can see the photos of the civil wedding in Taormina of the Irish Andy & Jen. Or you can browse the images of a Polish civil wedding in Cefalù Sicily; but also the album of the English wedding in Makari, Trapani and Palermo. There is also the beautiful reportage of the destination wedding at the Castello Lanza di Trabia of the American Emily & Antony.

Contacts photographer to get married in Italy

Do you like Nino Lombardo’s spontaneous natural photographic style? Contact the wedding photographer now! Request the availability of the photographer exclusively for your wedding date. Nino is available for wedding and engagement photo shoots both in Italy and around the world.

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Thinking of many things to do to organize a wedding step by step. How to organize an original wedding you can turn to the experts to organize unique weddings! At the base it is important to turn to professionals in the Wedding sector.

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