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Whenever there is a problem, there is always a solution to the problem.

The change of wedding date is possible to be dealt with methodically and firmly. In fact, from the location to the photographer, even if the organization of a wedding is not easy to manage, the help and support of family members will give you the right positive spirit. Regardless of your situation, it's important to remember to stay calm and move on. The "wedding day" is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable days of one's life!

Change of wedding date

Whether you are planning a wedding in your city or abroad, the main advice is to have a list of contacts with suppliers. The main advice is to keep in touch with suppliers. Things are changing day by day during this Coronavirus pandemic and week by week there is news! Contact now the photographer Nino Lombardo for the photo shoot of your wedding. Do not do anything drastic before you have the opportunity to be properly informed. But start thinking about a conscious wedding date change to postpone or anticipate your wedding.

That said, keep your entire organization as established. But it doesn't hurt to know what your options might be in case of an unexpected event on your wedding date. So talk to your wedding planner if you have one, and if not, read some tips below.

In fact, before confirming a date, it is certainly advisable to check the availability of the photographer (because Nino performs only one service a day). The international wedding photographer is always online to satisfy your questions! Skype appointments and video calls Are you planning your wedding and looking for a good photographer? Consult comfortably the site and contact Nino by sending an email from contact form.

Choose the new wedding date

By agreeing with the suppliers, set the new wedding date

Evaluate the availability among the thousand thoughts that emerge: wedding invitations to be redone, restaurant, church, town hall, photographer to advise, invited to warn and wedding makeup tests to be postponed ...

Your friends and relatives will certainly be understandable when the wedding date change occurs for reasons of major cause. Reschedule the big day to live it in peace and joy.

Some questions to ask yourself to plan another wedding date

Once you have decided to postpone, cheer up and knowingly consult your priority suppliers, asking the following questions:

  • When are we available?
  • When are our families available?
  • Photographer, when is ours available?
  • Location of the ceremony, when will it be available?
  • Wedding dinner, when will the reception be available?
  • When are the other important suppliers available?

Choose some dates by consulting your calendar. Make a list of alternative dates, choose 5 dates and consult the suppliers. Send an email explaining the situation that drives you to make a wedding date change. With the answers you will cross out your new wedding date. If you have not yet organized your wedding, read the blog article How to organize a wedding from home.

The Wedding Vendors

You have organized your wedding in Italy, in Sicily or in any other beautiful location with love. Face the choice of the new wedding date lightly. Being able to reconcile all the suppliers you have chosen is the biggest challenge. It is important to be aware that suppliers can be booked or unavailable in your wedding date change. But it is the professionals that you have carefully selected among many and it is they who will make your day unique. At the end of the day, when all the wedding lights go out, the photographs will be the only testimony of what you have achieved with love and passion.

Read the article on our blog "How to choose the photographer for your wedding". Click on the photo below to view the reportage of a wedding in Palermo.

Crown the dream with your loved one

You have chosen the date with care, a weekend, a bridge or an anniversary; but now with the date change of the wedding something does not coincide. Overtake an abundant dose of positivity. After all, the important thing is to fulfill the dream of marriage with your loved one.

Information and questions about Change of wedding date

Have you booked your wedding photo shoot with us and are you considering a date change? The wedding photographer Nino Lombardo is available to answer all your doubts and clarifications. In fact, you can contact the photographer Nino Lombardo by filling out the form on the CONTACTS page.

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Happy spouses are our greatest satisfaction, read the reviews on the wedding photographer, testimonials of the couples who trusted the professionalism of the photographer Nino Lombardo. In the FAQ Sicily Photographer there are answers to frequently asked questions asked by most engaged couples. Nino Lombardo is a Sicily photographer accredited by the best international wedding photographer associations. Would you also like to have a video of your wedding? Watch some wedding trailers, professional shots like wedding films. For info and reservations contact now the international photographer based in Sicily for the best weddings Nino Lombardo!

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