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Getting married in Palermo, realizing a wedding photo shoot in photo-reportage style, enhancing your emotions, choosing the wedding photographer in Palermo Nino Lombardo. Capture with modern eye, professional and elegant the most beautiful wedding moments. Make wedding photo shoots and photo reports of your unique and unrepeatable emotions. See the award-winning photos taken by Nino Lombardo who received the TOP100 global title for best wedding photographer. The splendor of the locations chosen for the wedding photos. A thousand emotions and feelings that overwhelm the spouses and guests that day. All this is the work and passion of Nino Lombardo, wedding photographer in Palermo, read his biography and the testimonies of the spouses, the reviews on the photo shoots.

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Nino, realizes wedding photography in Palermo for best photoshoot at the newlyweds. Photos that in fact capture the most beautiful and exciting moments and revive those moments even after some time.

Discretion, competence and professionalism, the photographer accompanies the couple, who chose to get married in Italy as well as abroad. On their most beautiful day, it captures authentic moments which will then be enclosed in wedding albums and videos. All taken care of in the smallest details, according to the unique and modern style of Nino Lombardo.

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Each photo shoot thus contains the essence of that day, to be relived and shared with loved ones, whenever you want. The wedding photographer Nino Lombardo photographs Palermo capturing all the magnificence of this beautiful Sicilian capital, enhancing the spouses and contextualizing the wedding. The ancient buildings, villas and historical places thus becomes a perfect setting for the wedding photo shoot in Palermo. Each photo shoot thus contains the essence of that day, to be relived and shared with loved ones, whenever you want.

As a wedding photographer in Palermo, Nino Lombardo in fact with his lens captures the splendor of the locations chosen by the couple. Images with emotions, hugs, spontaneous gestures of affection, laughter, tears of joy.
With all the professionalism and competence that distinguishes him, for work of great beauty.

Reportage for best weddings in Palermo

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Palermo and its great beauty! You can view the reportage for Alessio and Irene’s wedding in Palermo, San Francesco Church ceremony and reception at the luxurious Castello Lanza Branciforte in Trabia. Or you can browse the gallery of the photo shoot for Flavia and Flavio’s wedding in Palermo, a ceremony in the incomparable Palatine Chapel of Palermo and a reception at the spectacular Castello di Solanto. Finally, you can get inspired by Wesley’s wedding proposal in Cefalù.

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Villas for weddings Palermo, where the Palermo wedding photographer has made unforgettable photo shoots. If you are looking for photographers in Palermo, for your wedding, Nino Lombardo is available with his unique style of wedding photojournalist.

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The great undisputed beauty of Palermo acts as an open-air scenography. Certainly Nino Lombardo with his natural and spontaneous photographic style stands out among the photographers in Palermo for the best weddings. In fact, among the photographers Palermo, Nino is the only wedding photojournalist recognized by the international association WPJA.

Candid Shoots for Wedding in Palermo

Which photographer for the photo shoot of your wedding in Palermo? If you like reportage photography, with spontaneous shots and without poses and if you want to get a unique memory, contact Nino Lombardo. A wedding photographer in Sicily who created the photographic services for the best wedding events in Palermo. Magnificent churches and scenic castles and villas are a perfect side dish for your wedding in Palermo.

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Remember that the photographs are the testimony of everything you will organize with love and passion, every detail and every hug will remain alive in your memories through the wedding photographs!

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We have published some articles to guide future spouses towards their big day in a conscious way with the advice of those who have photographed many of them during his career as a wedding photographer.

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A natural and non-invasive approach for any type of ceremony. Nino Lombardo photographed wedding with religious rites, civil rites, Hindu rites, Persian rites, symbolic rites … But all of them reflect his style. When you browse a wedding album published by the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo you will see his style as the guiding thread. Non-artifact photos with colors that perfectly reflect reality. Wedding photographs with details of high photographic quality. As a photographer, you discreetly photograph and testify what happens with your wedding pictures. He loves to capture moments and gestures stolen and imprinted in a spontaneous shot. A good ceremony photographer knows the times well and will be able to advise you in the best way so as not to arrive late to the ceremony or to the reception.

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Among the best photographers in Sicily and proclaimed among the TOP100 best wedding photojournalists in the world, Nino Lombardo exclusively realizes only one wedding photo shoot per day. Contact Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo now to ask for availability for your date!