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In these galleries I have collected the wedding photos that best express my style, best wedding pictures portfolio. The ones that excited me the most when I took them, when I saw them the first time and every time I respected them.

Because this is exactly the case: even though I have been a wedding photojournalist for many years, I still manage to surprise myself with the beauty I see in the eyes of the brides, for the love and passion of the spouses, for the emotion in the looks of mothers, for the pride that can be read in the faces of the fathers, for the happiness and joy that relatives and friends transmit in every gesture.


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with images that capture the soul of the moment and of people. Portraits of emotions, of sensations, caught with elegance and delicacy, without being noticed. This is the secret for a good wedding photographer: don’t get noticed. If Lord Brummell said that true elegance consists in going unnoticed, the same goes for the wedding photojournalist: only by not being noticed can he catch people’s looks, gestures, attitudes that would otherwise pose, distorting completely their spontaneity, which is the essence and beauty of marriage reportage.

I live in Sicily, but I am ready to follow the bride and groom in the most beautiful locations in the world. If you like my style let’s feel it, it will be a pleasure.

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