Everything flows so fast that day: smiles, hugs, tears of joy, laughter, complicit looks, unique and unforgettable moments, which remain etched in the memory and in the shots that make up the wedding photo shoot by Nino Lombardo.


      Photos to reflect yourself, the Wedding gallery, in which to relive intimate emotions and festive moments, in which you can find your style and your life. It will be a marriage to leaf through with the heart.

      Watch wedding gallery reportages

      A gallery of images that brings together a selection of my most recent photos, the ones I think best tell the special emotion of marriage.

      It’s the best way to learn about my style, my desire to portray joy, emotions, to tiptoe into the heart of the ceremony and the party. So to capture all the atmosphere.

      Look at them and try to imagine yourself in one of these photos.

      Where you get married, I am there: photographer without borders.
      It can be a photo shoot for a wedding in Sicily, or in other parts of Italy, Europe, anywhere. I pack my cameras and I’m ready to follow you to the most beautiful places in the world to make your wedding reportage.

      In these wedding gallery galleries I have collected the images

      that I think best reflect not only my style, but above all the spirit of the moment. So those unique and fleeting moments of a look, a smile, a hug. The wedding day is unrepeatable by nature, my task is to capture and fix forever its beauty, its feeling, its passion.

      For this reason, more than a “wedding photographer” I would like to write on my business card “memories maker”.

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      Are you planning a wedding and do you like what you saw? If so, I'd love to hear from you.