Reportage Matrimonio Villa Favorita a Marsala con foto spontanee, domande e risposte

My photography is light and minimal

My approach and aesthetic preference is incorporated into every image I provide. We will talk about the concept and the location, but for the rest I ask for full trust!


Foto preparativi sposa in Sicilia del fotografo Nino Lombardo

Questions and answers

Who are you? How did you start doing this job?


In 1997 I opened my photography studio, after years of working my way up in other studios. Over the years and with training and experience, I have created my own style of professional photographic services for weddings and engagements, family, travel. I published my first book "Emotions of lights and shadows, reportage of a wedding city". Since 2011, with the entry into International Associations of Wedding Photographers I have concentrated my work towards wedding photojournalism, to tell the wedding day in its authenticity and immediacy.

What's your style? Do you take candid or posed photos?


I create a wedding photo shoot in a photojournalistic style, with spontaneous shots. When people strike a pose they inevitably become stiff, embarrassed, unnatural. This is why I love to capture the emotions of people with "stolen" photos, taken on the fly, to capture their emotions, their authenticity, their true personality in one shot. I photograph the day as it unfolds, without interferences that upset the wedding plans. I often use unusual techniques to turn some of your wedding photos into one-of-a-kind works of art, created just for the occasion. As a personal taste I love black and white; but obviously I make color photographs, in which I prefer strong contrasts that make the images more suggestive. Or candid and romantic images with soft colors. In any case, family photos should never be missing; and groups of guests, if you request it. The goal of my work is to amaze you, giving you photographs that go beyond your imagination and your expectations.

We don't live in your city, how can we see the photographs? How do you organize the delivery of the album?


You can view, select and download all the photographs through the private and password-protected web gallery. The album can be delivered directly to your home. I will provide you with the precise shipping cost based on the type of album you have chosen and the shipping location.

Where can we meet to define everything?


Often you don't need to meet first. For couples living in Sicily we can make an appointment in my studio in Trapani to get to know each other in person. If you live far away, or are unable to move, we will arrange a video call, to "see and get to know each other" and start creating the necessary feeling. And, in any case, we can communicate at any time via email, telephone, WhatsApp.



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Reportage di matrimonio a Trapani in Sicilia

"The gaze of a light painter • I want to tell you about an emotion, the one that Nino and his staff have immortalized through the shots of a perfect day"

The first time we saw Nino, during another wedding, we fell in love with his discretion and professionalism. Then we got to know the part of him that is more expert than him, the one that possesses only those who have developed certain skills over time, and we understood how much work exists even in post-production for a wedding reportage ...

- Pippi & Matteo




Cefalù fotografie di sposi polacchi in Sicilia per sposarsi a Cefalù foto di Nino Lombardo