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Faq about Wedding Photographer

In 1997 I opened my photographic studio, and over the years and with experience I created a style of my own on professional wedding photography services. Then published my first book "Emotions of lights and shadows reportage of a wedding city". Since 2011, with the entry into International Associations of Wedding Photographers I have concentrated my work towards wedding photojournalism, to tell the wedding day in its authenticity and immediacy.
I realize the photo shoot for wedding in photojournalistic style, with spontaneous shots. When people pose they inevitably become rigid, embarrassed, unnatural. This is why I love to capture the emotions of people with "stolen" photos, taken on the fly, to capture their emotions, their authenticity and their true personality in one shot. I photograph the day as it unfolds, without interfering with the marriage programs. I often use unusual techniques to make some photos of your wedding real unique works of art, created only for the occasion. As a personal taste, I prefer black and white, but obviously I make color photographs, in which I prefer the strong contrasts that make the images more suggestive and striking. Or candid and romantic images with soft colors. In any case, family photos should never be missing; and guest groups, if you request it. The goal of my work is to amaze you by giving you photographs that go beyond your imagination and your expectations.
I am not an intrusive photographer, rarely spouses and their guests notice my presence. The moments in which I will obviously be in action? During photos with relatives; but don't worry, I will give you all the indications to be natural and spontaneous.
Of course! I'm used to working in any situation. My photographs depict emotions, moods, alchemy between spouses, the landscape is simply the background. If you are happy and in love, this is what you will see in the photos.
Often there is no need to meet before either. For couples who live in Sicily we can make an appointment in my studio in Trapani to meet us in person. We can agree by email. But even if you live far away there is no problem: we agree a video call on Skype, which is essential to see ourselves in the face and start creating the necessary feeling. And then we can communicate at any time via email
For the photo shoot we will always be on duty. The second photographer will be the responsible shoulder that accompanies me, as well as acting as my assistant.
I will send you by e-mail a reserved photo gallery from which you can download all the photos already postproduced personally by me. If you want the prints I will take care of their realization. There are those who simply want the photo files, others want some single prints and others still the album ...
For the albums I propose the traditional book or blocks. They are all made by very valid artisans with high quality materials, in various formats and sizes. I prefer to give the engaged couple the freedom to choose what best reflects their tastes and their budget.
I ask for the reimbursement of the living expenses of the trip if I have to move a lot or if it is necessary the overnight stay, indicating a clear and defined figure in the estimate phase.
Absolutely, I never delegate my work to other colleagues. Mine is a job that is not transferable to other photographers, however good: everyone has his own style, his eye, his sensitivity. If you choose me it's because you like my way of photographing: that's why I have to take pictures.
Yes, I chose a video operator of my absolute confidence, which reflects my photographic style and with whom I have been working alongside for some time. I personally follow the video production and editing, to create a wedding video that is a moving story of your most beautiful day.
Certainly. Marriage is such a magical situation that it is important to stop the memory of these moments, not limited to the day of the ceremony and the reception. This is why I also deal with the engagement photo session and the day after the wedding, the first day as a married couple (trash the dress). Other situations in which to create memorable photographs are the Save the Date to announce the wedding date and the Photo Booth to entertain the guests during the wedding reception.
You can view, select and download all the photos via a secure and private web gallery, which you can access with user and password. And we will keep in touch via e-mail or with a Skype call. For the delivery of the album for years I entrust my shipments all over the world, to Mail Boxes, which will deliver directly to your home. I will give you the exact shipping cost based on the type of album you have chosen.
We will arrange the delivery date for the photo shoot together. On average the delivery time of the finished work takes place within 3/4 weeks. It can be a little more in times when I am often around photo reports, because I personally take care of all post-production interventions, and I like to deliver a perfect job.
After signing the commission and paying the deposit we can reserve the date. If you want a few days to decide (it is understandable, this is an important choice) I can set a note with your telephone number, if someone else requests the same day, you will be notified!
The first step is to fill out the contact form to find out the availability of the date and the cost of the photo shoot for your wedding. Then I will send you the data to make the first deposit and block the date. All conveniently online.

In this section you will find answers and frequently asked questions from customers, about wedding photo shoots, for more information contact the photographer.

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