una coppia si bacia in una sessione fotografica di coppia di Nino Lombardo engagement photo session Taormina

Have you ever thought about making a couple photo shoot?

As a professional photographer I have made many in recent years, look at the engagement photo galleries and wedding proposals, below I will explain what the couple photo shoot is.

Some future spouses ask me to do a surprise to engagement proposal in Sicily. Often the request comes from the boyfriend who wants to give the engagement ring to the girlfriend in a particular location and asks me to follow them to photograph the moment. Read on the blog Taormina proposal shooting photographer.

The photographic proposal service often takes place incognito, because I follow the couple in a discreet way and, once delivered the ring, I realize the portraits of the two future spouses together in various situations. View the gallery about Cefalù Wedding Proposal, click here.

Some engaged couples want to photograph this moment and have a memory, and the engagement photo shoot is an original gift for the bride to do.

The couple photo shoot is popular abroad but it is spreading also in Italy. On couple photographic services, I was one of the first to do them as a professional photographer.

Why then, create a couple photo shoot?

Here are some reasons:

1) The engagement photo shoot is also useful for choosing the Sicily photographer for your wedding. You can test the photographer on the field, see how he shoots and see if you can get along well with him.

2) An engagement photo shoot is useful because you will be able to use the photos made in many ways. For example you can use them: in the participations, as a gift to the family, or even as a placeholder to your wedding. There are so many uses that you can take pictures and I can help you choose the right use for you.

3) A couple photo shoot is a nice present for the future bride, as well as a nice surprise and it is above all a memory made by a professional.

Servizio fotografico di fidanzamento a Selinunte, foto di coppia in Sicilia

The engagement photo shoot can be surprise

I have often been contacted for photo shoots for a surprise proposal because my specialty is photo reportage and discretion. Personally I camouflage well between people and I can photograph without making me see and it is something that many customers love. In addition, some people do not like to be in front of the camera because they are embarrassed, the incognito engagement photo shoot allows you to have beautiful images full of emotion without one of them becoming aware of my presence and embarrassed.

Engagement Photo Shoot in Taormina by Best Italy Photographer

Where you realized our photoshoot for engagement?

I can do an outdoor engagement photo shoot in a location of your choice or help you find a suitable place to make your marriage proposal and I can help you set it in a city of your choice and I will advise you.

You can integrate a couple photo shoot with a sport or a passion.

Ask me for advice on where to make it to make the perfect surprise!

Cefalù Engagement Photo Shoot Best Sicily Photographer

There are no limits to the imagination!

How much is an engagement photo shoot?

This depends on some factors: first the duration. A couple photographic service usually lasts a couple of hours, moreover if I have to move and the accessory services like post production of the images or the realization of an album can affect the final price. Read more about Quote Italy Wedding Photographer.

If you want to know more contact me here and I will explain everything you need to know. Also if you want to see some services done by me with couples, you can go to the engagement section that you find here.
Contact me for your engagement photo session in Taormina, Erice, Cefalù, Palermo or other cities of Sicily.

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