Wedding in Sicily Photo Reportage

Top Sicily Wedding Venue to take beautiful pictures Pictures for best Wedding in Sicily Photo shoot. Getting married in Sicily has never been as fashionable as in recent years. As a wedding photographer in Sicily, photos with the spouses and landscapes, photos of emotions and photos that tell about it, I have made several! I know very well the locations to celebrate a dream wedding in suggestive and scenic destinations. I am a photographer for weddings in Sicily; but not only, I am willing to travel even outside my base to make reports for the best weddings. Want to find out which ones are most in demand for weddings? Let's see it together in this article!

Wedding in Sicily Photo

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Another beautiful place to get married in Sicily is the wonderful Palermo. Always a destination for many couples and loved by tourists from all over the world. Always more and more popular, Palermo has become a destination for having a wedding in Sicily with impressive photos.

Palermo has the most beautiful churches and the most interesting views to photograph for a wedding dedicated to the most authentic Sicily. Anyone who is originally from Palermo cannot resist coming back to Sicily for their wedding. Get married in Palermo a Wedding in Sicily photos that reflect luxury and good taste.


Perfect to classic and luxurious wedding

Read more about the wedding photoshoot in Palermo, click here. Palermo, with its villas and castles, sumptuous and breathtaking churches are the perfect setting for a dream wedding!

The sumptuous palatine chapel, dating back to 1129 and decorated with splendid mosaics, is just one of the most evocative places I had the pleasure of photographing, ideal for a photographic reportage for spectacular and evocative wedding reporting, perfect for a solemn religious ceremony and leaving all breathless.


Perfect for lovers of the sea

Being from Trapani, I cannot fail to mention my wonderful city where I had the pleasure of photographing many marriages. Trapani is a city of which I know every corner and every church and that always gives me great emotions. One of the churches I love most is the Church of Maria Santissima del Soccorso, view reportage by Trapani wedding photographer, known as the Badia Nuova. Elegant and magical light in my photographs. A baroque church among the oldest in the city and located in the historic center. Read more on my blog about baroque wedding theme trend 2020 in Sicily. It was built by the Byzantines in 536, the exterior has a spacious churchyard, but it is the interior that leaves you amazed and surprised. It is an ideal place to celebrate a wedding in true Sicilian style, collected but effective, for the spouses and guests.

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Castellammare del Golfo and Scopello

In the province of Trapani, instead, Castellammare del Golfo and Scopello are one of the favorite destinations for a wedding in Sicily photos that capture those and transmit the smells of the sea. This city is a great choice for those who love the sea and Sicily; the ancient stairs leading to the old marina are an enchanting place, and the blue sea is the setting for the splendid landscape of this Sicilian seaside town.

Are you getting married in Castellammare or Scopello and want to read more? Click here for your wedding photographer in Sicily photos of real reportages. To learn more about photo shoots for the best weddings in Scopello, click here


Unusual and rural Sicilian views

One of the most beautiful places I have photographed is in the province of Agrigento, precisely destination and wedding in Menfi, where an ancient fortified farm called baglio rises between vineyards and hills: Baglio San Vincenzo. This is an area full of greenery and vineyards. It is located in the countryside and is a lush place ,. Ideal for a wedding in a rural and unusual Sicily, with lush views and beautiful sunsets.


Photographic services for weddings with a Baroque flavor

We have already spoken in a previous article that you can find here of the baroque wedding theme and of the most interesting destinations to celebrate it.

I cannot therefore not mention it again because in the Ragusa area and more precisely in Modica there are the most beautiful Baroque churches, ideal for a wedding in Sicilian baroque style. Here I photographed married couples both in the Church of San Giorgio where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city of Modica and in the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista.


But also in the small islands ... for weddings in Pantelleria, the Egadi Islands and the Aeolian Islands

Messina, a seaside town overlooking the strait, is another ideal destination for a dream wedding, the blue of the sea and the clear sky make it a spectacular and sparkling place. How perfect are also the Aeolian Islands for Wedding in Sicily breathtaking and scenographic photos, read more about the wedding pictures in the Aeolian Islands, click here! The city of Massina, overlooking the strait, is the setting for beautiful views and splendid locations for a dream wedding.

The Caribbean sea, however, is located on the smaller islands and Favignana in the Egadi archipelago. Wedding in Favignana. Unique jewel to celebrate a wedding in Sicily in all shades of blue. Read more for your wedding photographers in the Egadi Islands, click here. See the pictures of a wedding in Tonnara Florio Favignana, click here. You can read the beautiful article by Elle Spose dedicated to a wedding report that I made in Favignana for a couple of newlyweds arrived for the destination wedding in Sicily from Australia, click here


Taormina, the favorite of the British and Irish for their wedding in Sicily.

For weddings of boyfriends who come from Holland, England or Ireland and choose to get married in Sicily. I am often asked what is the most exclusive and suggestive destination to get married in Sicily, well, the most popular in recent years for both engagement and wedding services is certainly Taormina.

For engaged marriages arriving from Holland, England or Ireland and choosing to marry in Sicily. I am often asked what is the most exclusive and suggestive destination to get married in Sicily, well, the most popular in recent years for both engagement and wedding services is certainly Taormina. With its wonderful Greek theater, also ideal for an engagement service. The scenic and panoramic public garden, once the garden of Lady Florence Trevelyan, for exciting wedding photographs in Taormina. A photo shoot of this type is indeed very scenic if done in Taormina, even as a wedding photo shoot. Taormina with its long Corso Umberto, the square and all the beautiful old town is a wonderful destination for a dream wedding. And she was crowned as the first half of the spouses who want to celebrate a wedding in Sicily from all over the world.

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Did you like these locations to celebrate and photograph your wedding in Sicily? What is the destination you prefer? Tell me about your projects contact me to learn more. I will create the best photo reportage for your wedding in Sicily for you!

San Vito lo Capo for wedding on the beach.

Have you already been to San Vito Lo Capo on vacation and are you in love with it? Wedding in San Vito Lo Capo, the perfect combination of holiday and event. In fact, the Municipality of San Vito has selected some seafront locations to celebrate weddings. Photo shoot on the beach with the splendid colors of the sky and the sea. Castelluzzo, Makari, San Vito with their sea are a captivating choice for an original and alternative wedding.

Wedding in Sicily unforgettable photos

The most beautiful photos, the most spontaneous moments, the most authentic wedding reportage. If this is the memory you want of your wedding, write now to the photographer Nino Lombardo. A photographer who guarantees his presence. Professional specialized in photographic stories with natural and spontaneous shots. Among the few wedding photojournalists in Sicily of WPJA, the only wedding photojournalist selected in western Sicily. Photographer awarded and recognized among the best wedding photographers in the world by international clubs in the sector.

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