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Are you organizing your wedding in Favignana? Look at the photo reportage of the wedding photographer in Favignana. Photos in spectacular and original locations. Photographic services in Favignana to best Italy destination Wedding for Australian, Chinese, American spouses ... If you get married in a unique location in the world and so beautiful as to take the breath away of the viewer ... You cannot underestimate the engagement of an excellent photographer.

Nino knows the whole island of Favignana very well and will be able to take you to the most iconic and characteristic places! Read the article on the blog: Photographer in Favignana Egadi Islands.

Wedding in Favignana

Natural, candid photographs with splendid colors for the best weddings in Favignana.

Regarding the choice of the photographer for the Australian spouses, the guarantee of high photographic quality and certified professionalism was decisive. Read the biography of the photographer, who is Nino Lombardo? Sicilian photographer with studio in Trapani, he works both in Italy and all over the world. Italy photographer Nino Lombardo, is a member of the International Associations of the best wedding photographers in the world. In addition, expert photographic judges have awarded awards to wedding photographs and engagement photographs. See the Award winning photos.

Getting married in Favignana

A wedding on a Sicilian island by the Caribbean sea with beautiful wedding photographs for unique memories. Certainly Favignana is ideal for many types of weddings. In fact, the photographer in Favignana photographed:

Small weddings, Favignana Symbolic Wedding

Fall in love with the Egadi Islands who choose to return to get married in Favignana. As a wedding photojournalist in Favignana for small weddings Nino will tell your day with unforgettable photographs. Elle Spose Italia also loved this photo shoot, read the article by Giovanni Sparacio "Wedding in Favignana in the shots of Nino Lombardo". Captivating photographs of the wedding in Favignana, powerful images that capture the greatness of the day.

Small weddings or smart weddings are weddings organized by couples from other countries. Usually it is an option chosen by engaged couples who have come to the Egadi Islands on vacation. A weekend in Favignana for a wedding during a holiday. Create a unique moment with parents and closest friends. Moments for small weddings in Favignana shared only with a few and captured by the photographer. Look at other photos of this smart wedding destination in Favignana - Photographs for a wedding at Bue Marino, get inspired!

Love escapes, elopement wedding in Favignana

Favignana intimate wedding photo in Italy by Nino Lombardo

Perfect blend for a romantic getaway in Favignana! Just the bride and groom. Where they want and when they want. An exchange of eternal promises evidenced by the wedding photographs. In fact, the wedding elopement in Favignana will have a mix of romance and magic. The photographer will create a candid and spontaneous photo shoot of your moments together. Nino Lombardo, being a wedding photojournalist, is able to immerse himself in the moment without compromising the integrity of the spouses' experience in Favignana. When two people are ready to commit to each other, they are in love! Not everyone wants to wait a year to throw a lavish wedding.

Traditional weddings in Favignana

Traditional weddings are known to have many guests among friends and relatives. Religious wedding ceremonies in Favignana can be held in the Church. Or, for a civil wedding in the island, there is the enchanting ancient Tonnara

Wedding location Baglio Sull'Acqua

What is a Sicilian baglio? In ancient times it was a large farm and the peasants lived in the same structure. Today the same modernized structures are used as hotels, farmhouses and restaurants...

Villa Margherita for wedding reception in Favignana

Photo reportage for weddings in Favignana

Not only the wedding photo shoot in Favignana for the Australian couple ... in fact you can view the reportage of the Favignana photographer with the ceremony at the ancient Tonnara di Favignana with lunch at the Cave Bianche Hotel. Getting married in Sicily is a dream that can come true! Read more about the wedding photographer Egadi Islands Favignana Marettimo and Levanzo islands

Favignana photographer

"Every wedding is a different story to tell. I don't like clichés, my reportages are unique as the event I photograph is unique. Favignana has fantastic places for breathtaking photographs; but you are the protagonists. Contextualizing spouses and engaged couples in the landscape by capturing The moment. In fact, a beach, a cove or a promontory is always there, the same; but your gestures and your looks will always be different and unique. "

Which one to choose wedding photographer in Favignana

Organizing a long distance wedding is challenging. Favignana photographer Nino Lombardo is constantly active on all web channels. In fact, couples who contact him from the United States, China, Australia and Canada do not feel "distant". Timely responses make it possible to shorten the distance and through cutting-edge online services even the delivery of photo shoots is quick and easy.

Are you looking for the photographer for your wedding in Favignana? Do you want authentic photographs that document your day with real, detailed and spontaneous images? Nino Lombardo is the Trapani based wedding photographer who creates photo reports for the most exclusive wedding events. Contact the photographer for Favignana ask for the availability of dates for your period. Fill out the form Contacts Wedding and Engagement Photographer in Egadi Island.

Favignana Photographer
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Photographer based in Trapani, Nino is found many days in the Egadi Islands: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo to photograph couples, friends and families in their happiest moments! Since the Egadi islands are the closest to the city of Trapani, the photographer Nino Lombardo shoots them very well! Write to the photographer now to book your photo shoot. You will be in excellent hands, a professional and a guide for beautiful photographs!

Conclusions on the Favignana photographer

Getting married on an island is wonderful. Having the best suppliers is essential! Some couples choose to rely on a Wedding Planner for their wedding in beautiful island. Other engaged couples prefer to contact and organize independently. A useful tip is to rely on wedding professionals. Today through the web you can see the work done and the reviews of the various suppliers. Read feedback on Nino Lombardo, testimonials and reviews on Italy wedding photographer. Contacting by email and having concrete and timely answers is already a natural selection of the wedding professional you are about to hire. Book now Destination Wedding Photographer in Favignana. Best shoots for better wedding in Sicily, in Italy and worldwide.

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