Nino Lombardo fotografo matrimonio a Palermo Castello Lanza
Fotografo Matrimonio Castello Chiaramonte a Siculiana
Fotografo a Palermo per matrimonio in Sicilia Destinazione Reportage Italia
Foto preparativi della sposa in bianco e nero
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I photograph weddings, of course, but above all I photograph people, emotions, precious moments. Because this is precisely the difference I make in my work: I like to bring out beauty and sensations directly from the people who are the protagonists of a memorable moment. It is a refined and spontaneous style that captures the unmissable and unrepeatable instant of a smile, a look, a tear, a hug, a caress, a kiss. To do this, the photographer must be a discreet and never intrusive presence, in order to leave people's expressive naturalness free. This is how true images are born, far from any pose.


Palermo Fotografo Per Matrimonio in Sicilia Nino Lombardo fotografo

My wedding photographs are appreciated and awarded by important national and international associations of the best photographers of which I am honored to be a part.


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Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

Starting point, seen by the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo, of a life-long story on your wedding day. Photographer based in Sicily specialized in wedding reportage. Nino Lombardo, with his refined, elegant and modern photographic shots, tells the magic day for every engaged couple: “The Wedding”. On the day of the wedding, the goal reaches the heart of the spouses, also capturing details and nuances, emphasizing emotions and giving memories the greatest evocative power with unique photographs. A wedding photographer who creates reportages, elegant, professional.

Bride and groom photographer

An essential combination. On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom will remain in close contact from the preparations of the dressing up to the wedding party. In fact, on the blog there is an article on how to choose the photographer for the wedding, the only professional who will stay with the spouses all day. It is certainly not enough to choose who has your favorite style; who has a cost appropriate to your budget; but you must also be nice and inspire trust.

Spouses and photographer must have mutual understanding and trust. Finding a wedding photographer means choosing not only a professional who takes great photos; but we must go further. In fact, personality plays an important role in choosing a wedding photographer: you will spend a lot of time with your photographer on your big day!

Nino Lombardo Photographer

Do you like spontaneous, simple and natural wedding photography? You can look at the portfolio of Nino Lombardo’s best wedding photographs to understand if it is the type of photo you want. Also read reviews and testimonials about best Sicily wedding photographer from previous customers. Your photographs have immense value, your special memories in splendid images so that they can be kept in refined albums. With the spontaneous style of photography as wedding reports are, you will be exceptionally true and not artifacts. An elegant photograph for your wedding day that never fades.

Best Photographers for Weddings

The best wedding photographer is the one you choose! With a careful search and selection on the web and then with a telephone contact, a video call or an appointment in his photo studio, you will certainly make your best choice!

The national and international panorama of wedding photographers is very vast! Nino Lombardo is a wedding photojournalist who is a member of WPJA, and has received several awards with his reportage-style wedding photographs. Proclaimed TOP100 among the best wedding photographers globally for 3 consecutive years. The innate and artistic ability to reproduce and tell the beautiful and unique story of how your celebration unfolds, how you will want to remember it and tell it for generations. Beautiful spontaneous and poseless photographs that are difficult to make; but they are the most appreciated. This is what the authentic wedding reportage photographer does. WPJA wedding photographers want to tell your big day with wedding images in a true, real and spontaneous way.

Wedding Photos in Sicily in Italy and Worldwide

Always ready for new rites and wedding ceremonies full of emotions. Nino is a photographer available for wedding photography services also outside the Italian national territory.

Always ready for new rites and wedding ceremonies full of emotions. Nino is a photographer available for wedding photo shoots outside the Italian national territory. In addition to being contacted as a wedding photographer in Sicily in Trapani, Erice, San Vito lo Capo, Salemi, Marsala, Mazara, the master of the lens throughout the province of Trapani; he photographed weddings in Palermo, Caltanissetta, Catania, Taormina, Modica, Agrigento and all of Sicily. He was hired as a wedding photographer in Lombardy: in Milan and Pavia, in Cernobbio on Lake Como; Camogli in Liguria. In Umbria he made reportages as a wedding photographer in Perugia and Corciano in the splendid Villa Pieve. The wedding photographer Nino Lombardo has made reportages of weddings in Piedmont on Lake Orta on the Island of San Giulio in Emilia Romagna as Reggio Emilia wedding photographer, in Chieti in Abruzzo … and also as a wedding photographer in India in New Delhi!

Wedding Book

The most modern and most requested wedding albums are book albums, true wedding books. For your professional service, in fact, Nino Lombardo will deliver your elegant reportage in a short time, with professional work.

The most modern and most requested wedding albums are book albums, true wedding books. How and when to deliver the wedding photo shoot. In fact, for your professional service, Nino Lombardo will deliver your elegant reportage in a short and professional time. With cutting-edge technologies, the Wedding photographer will send you your personalized wedding gallery and you can get it with a click. Deliveries of professional photographs and in private web spaces, high quality services. Whether you live next door or thousands of miles from its base, it will be easy to get the photos. From the first contact by email or in the studio until the final delivery you can find a professional service that will leave you satisfied, read the reviews witnessed by the couple. To get all the information for your professional photographer Contact Nino Lombardo today.

Black and white pictures of the newlyweds

The wedding photographer who creates elegant and professional reportages, the bride and groom photographer who tells your wedding with natural and high quality photographs. In your album the wedding image you have always dreamed of. On the photographer’s website you can in fact view not only wedding photographs; but also photos of beautiful brides. Wedding images with photos of the newlyweds that reflect their style.

The wedding photographer who creates elegant and professional reportages, the bride and groom photographer who tells your wedding with natural and high quality photographs. The photographs, the black and white wedding pictures, are wonderful works of art that Nino Lombardo creates with great skill. The black and white wedding photos are a source of inspiration and a still image of reality for the photographer from Trapani. “Emotions of lights and shadows – Reportage of a wedding city” is the photographic book on marriage published by photographer Nino Lombardo. Marriage thus remains a moment carved in history. Photographs that through the real chronicle of the wedding can be “browsed” by viewing the albums and wedding photo shoots. In fact, Nino interprets the wedding with his personal code. A clean taste that always favors the elegance of the shot in the photo shoot. A wedding photographer with unique and exclusive style to photograph an unforgettable wedding.

Nino Lombardo ceremony photographer

Capturing emotions as a wedding photographer – elegant and professional reportages for the best wedding albums. Then the hugs, the tears of joy and the moments of happiness of that day with style and elegance: the wedding according to Nino Lombardo. Reportage wedding photographer who creates incredible and unique black and white pictures for unforgettable pictures! Read more about Nino Lombardo, has created photographic services for elegant weddings with various types of rites.

In addition, in his professional career, he was a wedding photographer with a civil ceremony, a mixed ritual for a Persian and Catholic wedding, a symbolic rite and Catholic, Anglican, Chinese and Hindu religious rites. The wedding ceremony will run its course and you, the groom and the bride, will be the undisputed protagonists! The ceremony photographer will be indiscreet and almost invisible will capture your gestures and your emotions, will capture the spontaneous moments in the photographs of your wedding.

Wedding Fotoreporter

The wedding photographer, Nino Lombardo, interprets the wedding with his personal code. But what is the wedding reportage? A clean taste that always favors the elegance of the shot in the wedding photographer’s photo shoot – Elegant and professional reportages distinguish the Sicily wedding photojournalist Nino Lombardo and your good personal taste. A wedding photojournalist who captures the moments of an unforgettable day with style and elegance.

What is the best month to get married in Italy?

When to get married? The “perfect” month for the wedding does not exist. In recent years, many engaged couples have chosen a Italy winter wedding. Although the summer periods are preferred by the majority of future spouses.

Follow Nino on his Facebook Nino Lombardo photographer. For best event in Italy you want choose the best Italian wedding photographer, Nino capturing your story with love and professionalism. From the great photographic experience of Nino Lombardo, the spouses can acquire the awareness of hiring a professional who creates unforgettable wedding images. In fact Nino Lombardo photographer will photographically tell the most important and awaited day. The biography about Nino Lombardo photographer for wedding based in Sicily  divided between exhibitions, awards, books, charities … Some wedding photographs taken by Nino are collected in the book “Emotions of lights and shadows, reportage wedding in a city”. Look at the Awards, images of the wedding photographer awarded by international associations.

“Love is the guide and the way” Paulo Coelho