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Tips from a wedding photojournalist on how choose wedding photographer. In preparing for the long-awaited event by the couple, the choice of the photographer for your wedding in Sicily is an essential part. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is never simple or immediate but takes time. The story of the day must be entrusted to a professional because it will be one of the few memories, that will remain with the spouses after the party. As a professional in the sector for 35 years. I therefore thought of giving some advice to married couples in the search for the photographer for the ceremony.

How choose wedding photographer

1) Look at the photographic styles and understand which one is right for you

Every wedding photographer has his own style! Some have a very traditional style. That is, they put the bride and groom very much in pose as if they were two stars. In fact often they have been shooting the same style for many years. Some have a very creative / artistic approach and create a story by focusing on the details. Others like me have a photo-journalistic approach and therefore very discreet when following the wedding, telling the wedding day as if it were a reportage. I have a photojournalistic approach, I follow the couple in a discreet way photographing the wedding day in order to create a story that excites. Read the reviews testimonials of the newlyweds. There is no right or wrong style, choose the style that represents you most and the one that excites you most. By selecting the style you like best you will be able to make a creaming among the photographers that interest you. Santo Stefano di Quisquina Wedding scegliere il fotografo per il tuo matrimonioSanto Stefano di Quisquina, reportage for the wedding of Sandra and Fabio

2) Trust a professional

To search for the photographer for your wedding, rely on professionals who have been in the sector for years, do not look for the friend of the friend. Read the biography about Sicily photographer Nino Lombardo to find out more about him for destination wedding in Italy. Often those who have very little experience or are an amateur photographer with good equipment do not know all the difficulties of shooting at a ceremony.

Don't let your day be spoiled with images you don't like, with blurred images or with moments not photographed. It is an important moment to choose the photographer for your wedding. The photos of your wedding will be one of the few memories of your party and you need an expert person who can give you beautiful pictures. Look at the wedding galleries created by the professional! These are the photos you will show your children and grandchildren, so rely on a professional Italy wedding photographer in Sicily. Professional Italy wedding photographers are often members of trade associations, so also consider this when choosing.

3) Anticipate even a year if it will be a Saturday!

Before confirming the date with the restaurant and the church or the municipality, it is advisable to consult also the available dates of the photographer. The wedding season in Sicily runs from May to October, and my advice is to leave a little early to contact the photographer for your wedding, maybe with a few months' notice so once you decide you will book the photographer for your marriage. In my experience there are people who contact me even a year earlier, this is because I don't want to follow more than one wedding on the same day. I love to guarantee my presence from the beginning to the end of the exclusive event. The spouses must be followed from the beginning to the end of the wedding. It is also good to move forward a few months, I would say about six, just like you would do with all the other choices for your wedding: the church, the restaurant, the clothes etc. Sposarsi in Sicilia scegliere il fotografo per il tuo matrimonioReportage for wedding in Messina Personally, I like to photograph weddings even outside Sicily, so even if you get married in Milan, Como or Amsterdam and at another time of the year I have no problem traveling and moving around to photograph your weddings in different places. The important thing is to know it a little in advance to be able to reserve a date in my calendar.

4) Look at the galleries thoroughly

Look at the wedding photo galleries thoroughly, do not dwell on a single image, look destination wedding galleries to see how the Sicily wedding photographer tells the wedding day and also ask to see more images. Often I don't have time to upload all the images on my site but I'm glad if the potential spouses want to see other galleries of my works and contact me. Choosing a wedding photographer also includes looking at his photographs thoroughly.     Matrimonio elegante a Palermo scegliere il fotografo per il tuo matrimonioReportage at the bride's home

5) Ask for a quote and everything it includes

Ask your potential photographer and ask questions. This is an employment contract between the bride and groom and the wedding photographer, and the photographer is putting himself at your service. Ask what is included in the service, for example: photographs and photo retouching, printed photo album, album quality, and if it offers other services such as the photo shoot before the wedding and the wedding film, and you will understand what the potential photographer offers you for your wedding. Contact me, now!

For example, I post produce all the images that I deliver to the spouses by me, but not all photographers do it or it is a service that they charge separately. I also call another professional with me to make the film and I can also offer this service. Always ask questions on how choose wedding photographer.

Ask for everything and don't take anything for granted so as not to have bad surprises.

6) Decide on your budget

The budget in choosing the wedding photographer is an important expense item. Like all items of expenditure, it must be evaluated. Clearly years of experience and professionalism of the photographer, as well as certificates received from international associations of wedding photographers, have their price and consider both its price and your budget in the choice. Usually a professional wedding photographer is present at your wedding for the whole day, after depending on the service required in the quote, he will have to fix your images and eventually print. Consider all this in the work package and in what it offers you. Photographing a wedding is not just about attending the ceremony and going away but there is a job after that to do to deliver the finished work. How to calculate how much to spend? Let's say the estimate is around 12% - 15% of the total budget of your wedding. Palermo Wedding scegliere il fotografo per il tuo matrimonioReportage in Palermo for the wedding of Alessio and Irene

7) Let yourself be guided by instinct

Courtesy and professionalism are essential elements of the work of a wedding photographer, the wedding photographer will follow you throughout the ceremony and it is therefore right that the right atmosphere is established between you and him. Try to understand, in choosing the photographer for your wedding in Sicily, if you can feel comfortable with him and if you would entrust him with your wedding to be captured. If the answer is yes then call him for a quote to how choose wedding photographer. If you like my images and my style contact me here for your Destination Wedding in Sicily. Look at the wedding photo galleries for destination wedding in Lake of Como... or view a beautiful destination wedding reportage in Taormina Sicily and a photo-story for you best moment of engagement photoshoot in Venezia

In addition to choosing the photographer for your wedding

Also read some tips on how to do it even from a distance from the living room of your home. Plan a wedding.

Experience and professionalism are certainly the main elements to choose the photographer for your wedding. From a great experience the wedding photographer will be able to face unexpected and unusual situations with professionalism. In addition to experience and professionalism, the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo puts his artistic and interpretative skills at the service of the spouses on their wedding day. Member of important international associations that guarantee you the high quality of the photo shoot. Contact now the photographer for a quote of your top destination wedding in Sicily.

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