Wedding photographer in Palermo at the Castello di Trabia

      The marriage of Irene and Alessio in Palermo

      Religious ceremony, St. Francis of Assisi, Palermo • Reception, Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia.

      Photo shoot of the wedding in Palermo. Created by the international photographer Nino Lombardo at the Castello di Trabia. A style certainly candid and clean, a wedding photojournalist in Palermo that tells real moments. This is the photographic story with the eyes of the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo.

      Princely wedding for Irene and Alessio. In fact the spouses have chosen the best of Palermo for their wedding in Sicily. The Wedding photographer at Trabia Castle in Palermo. Surely luxurious destinations are the mood of the photo shoot in Palermo for this event. The ceremony in the historic Church of St. Francis of Assisi. The reception at Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia.

      Photographic tale of marriage

      The wedding photographer in Palermo Nino Lombardo then begins his wedding photo reportage in Palermo from the preparations of the spouses. Photographs at the bride’s house with her bridesmaids in pink dress. The precious and richly detailed bride dress. The bridegroom getting ready with his family next to him.

      The wedding photographer in Palermo offers images of the moments that precede the entry of the groom into the church, welcomed by friends and relatives.

      Once in the church the spouses, accompanied by their parents, walk the long aisle. Obviously it is a real crucial moment in all marriages is the entry of the bride. The most awaited that transpires from the wedding photographs. Irene’s vision as she enters her dad’s arm. His luxurious dress surrounded by precious floral decorations. In the wedding photographs we see that the bride is preceded by small pages and bridesmaids. In front of the bride also beautiful bridesmaids in elegant coordinated dresses.

      Photographs of the sumptuous ceremony in the festively decorated church follow. Moments of emotion and above all happiness. Impressed in the images of the wedding photographer in Palermo by Nino Lombardo.

      Wedding Photographer in Palermo at the Trabia Castle

      An elegant and spontaneous report. Which indeed well marks the wedding photographer in the Sicilian landscape. Welcomed in the Castle of Trabia the spouses have enlivened the evening with a cocktail in the garden. Finally a dinner in the cloister inside the Castello di Trabia. All beautifully decorated by the Wedding Planner of Palermo, Maria Macchiarella. A scenic atmosphere and also a perfect lighting for the outdoor cutting of the cake.

      Large photographs taken especially by true moments by the wedding photographer in Palermo Nino Lombardo.

      Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

      Nino’s wedding photographs certainly express true emotions without leaving out the details. An attentive and expert eye this of the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo. A wedding photographer available both in Italy and abroad. Always ready to photograph new emotions with his exclusive and elegant wedding reportages.

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      Credits: Wedding Planner, Maria Macchiarella • Ceremony, Saint Francis of Assisi Palermo • Reception, Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia • Photographer, Nino Lombardo

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