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The word to those who trusted me for the photo shoot of their wedding or engagement. Here are some testimonies and thanks that I received as a Wedding Photographer ...


"Nino was our photograph for both our wedding and pre-wedding pictures and we were not disappointed. He is very professional with great attention to details. We are very happy to have Nino and his lovely team with us to print down this special moment in our lives."
Lina & Lorenzo


Nino’s service is incredible. We are satisfied with his service so much and very happy to have the time with him on the date of photo shooting.
We are now enjoying many photos everyday taken by Nino and sure to have his service again such as on 10th wedding anniversary.
Look forward to see him on that day.
Hajimè from Japan


Nino, our photographer, took engagement and wedding photos. I can only praise how warm, loving, supportive and honest he was with us throughout the whole process. We were very nervous about making so many arrangements for our big day in America, but Nino was quick, organized and made our marriage so fluid while we captured our most intimate, special and joyful moments. We are very grateful for him and highly recommend him. With his eyes, he was able to capture the beauty and authentic culture of Sicily together with our love. Thanks, Nino! You are the best!
Jiuliana & Robert


"We are very happy with the photo shoot. You were really very good".
Nino Lombardo is a wonderful photographer. He fulfilled our requests and has an excellent eye. He is very professional and uses the latest technologies to share, view and access our wedding photos. My wife and I are very happy with our wedding photos and we will appreciate them for years to come.
Alessia & Ronald


Peppe and I wanted to thank you heartily not only for the magnificent final result, but above all for the discretion during that day, the extreme professionalism shown to us and the invaluable talent.
We are happy to have chosen you and to have had you with us on such an important day.
Thanks and ... ad majora semper!
Francesca e Peppe

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We would like to thank Nino Lombardo for the wonderful photo shoot he gave us in Favignana. We have explained the importance of these photos (we expect our first child) and Nino has perfectly understood this special moment we are living. The result was a beautiful photo shoot with surprising and spontaneous photos. Nino has captured all our happiness with the beauty of that incredible place! I was sure the photos would be beautiful, but it exceeded our expectations. We are extremely happy and satisfied !!
Sarah & Matheus


One word "thank you": thank you because we were excited to see the best moments of the most important day of our lives, because you were able to grasp what we are with our embarrassed smiles and our funny grimaces, because you have been able to catch every single emotion, because you have put us at ease with your delicacy ... congratulations because before being an undisputed professional you are a humble person who we have been lucky enough to know !!!!!
Rosaly and Leo


"When I decided to offer my girlfriend a trip to Sicily, I wanted to have a photographer present for the engagement proposal. After careful research, I found Nino online. I spent some time looking at the style of his photos. and I liked them immediately. I decided to contact him and he replied in a very friendly and quick way, he lost time to help me in my search for the perfect city in Sicily, he was very flexible in the date and time and responded a lot. quickly via e-mail every time. On the special day, he took his time for me and my fiancée with the photo shoot, walking around the beautiful town of Cefalù and giving instructions when needed.Also delivering the (very nice) photos he has less time required than expected. I would recommend Nino to everyone, from abroad and from Sicily, for their photo shoots. I would hire him again in the blink of an eye. "


The professionalism of an expert and his team will remain forever in our memories that through his photography will relive forever! Simply thank you!
Monica and Michelangelo


On our wedding day we had lost some details, because of the emotion, but Nino with his photos made us relive instant by instant. We magically relived everything, in each photo we can perceive all the experience, professionalism, creativity, attention and attention to detail. Knowing, knowing how to do, knowing how to be! Nino Lombardo, the top!
Daniela and Giuseppe


Marriage is one of the most exciting moments of our life. On that day a whirlwind of sensations, thoughts, feelings take precedence over everything and being surrounded by professionals so that everything proceeds for the best is fundamental. Nino Lombardo and his precious collaborators have made our most beautiful day even more unforgettable. High professionalism, availability, seriousness are all qualities of Nino and his team. Tireless, in those hours they never made their presence weigh and the result left us speechless immortalizing unforgettable moments with extreme discretion. A warm greeting and infinite thanks,
Federica and Roberto


We got married in front of our families and our great friends in such a wonderful and memorable place. We had to make sure we had a photographer who could capture our special moments. We searched online to find someone in Cernobbio but we didn't find anyone we could say that we liked their photos enough. Rather by chance we saw the website of Nino Lombardo, we immediately loved the way he had captured the moments, he felt that there was so much captured every photo of him. We contacted him and he was so professional and reassuring. We knew immediately that we were in good hands.
Fariba and Fredrik


Finding a photographer among the many offers of the province of Trapani was not easy, but when by chance we saw the photos of Nino Lombardo we said to ourselves: we found it !! luckily we could not have made a better choice !! Looking at the video of that day we realize that he was not simply the photographer, but he managed all the situations that involved a certain attention and form, from the dressing of the bride, to leaving the house, to entering the church, in sala ... His presence was constant and always discreet, we never had the feeling of being 'followed' by someone, we lived the day in a simple and natural way precisely because we did not have a photographer who made special requests, as often It happens It is a careful and sensitive photographer, who has been able to grasp the various nuances of the day, the result is wonderful !!
Valentina and Andrea


Before marriage, looking for a photographer on the internet, we saw Lombardo's photos. We fell in love with those photos and we were moved looking at them. This is why we chose our photographer and we couldn't have chosen better. His presence was not noticed during the ceremony, there was no intrusiveness. The photos are beautiful, spontaneous, perfect. Thanks for everything ... Enza and Francesco


The day of your wedding the emotion will be so much that the next day you would like to try to relive and remember everything. Well ... With his work you will be able to excite yourself in the same way by looking at his photos. You will hardly notice his presence and that of his team and you will wonder where he was when he caught you in that precise and spontaneous moment. I am sure that not everyone is able to make you fully relive your day as you really felt it and lived it. He did it. ... When you decide to choose Nino, you will have chosen for the best! Thank you!
Ilenia and Mattia


Nino is extremely professional and he helped us a lot even when we heard from Skype, because we live abroad. The photos are wonderful and his work meticulous; a little less than two weeks from the big day we received the link to our online gallery. The only difficulty now is choosing the photos for the album with so much choice!
Alberto and Carlotta


A great professional! High-level photos, exciting and emotional ... He accompanied us in our day in a silent way, absolutely present but not intrusive! Each shot tells the moment immortalized with all its nuances ... Top!
Serena and Giuseppe


It was an emotion to live it but it was incredible and special to see everything with your eyes. The people we love, the smiles, the worries, the joy, the tears of happiness, the warmth ... We looked at your photos two years ago and we were thrilled in the stories of others! Then we met you and we understood what makes what you tell special: you. Your world. Your look. Your feelings. It was an honor to meet you and share this special day with you. Thanks Nino, thanks for getting excited once again.
Paola and Giuseppe


Our shyness told your goal "read me" and choosing the "blue" you wanted to paint and impress on canvas the intimacy and the profound, the 'Beyond' that is within us. That Blue, evokes in my mind Chagall, he used it to describe the divine essence of his Love. Leafing through each photo, it is a journey between reality and fiction that becomes, at the same time, an autobiography of the characters ... awkward and true to external looks. Our world has merged with your eye, catching and respecting our nature. Your work is sublime and we can't do anything but tell you immensely THANK YOU.
Sabrina and Rosario


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“I love photographing weddings and am always very happy to receive letters, thank you cards and warm emails from happy couples.

I have had the privilege and honor of capturing engaged couples and weddings all over Sicily. Some wonderful weddings around Italy and one in India in recent years. So first of all a thousand times thanks to everyone for choosing to tell your story through my eyes. In fact, it was a pleasure to meet you and your guests. Thank you for placing full trust in me in my passion and creativity. Here are some nice words of kindness from my couples.

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I am certainly pleased to receive these Testimonials and Reviews as a Wedding Photographer in Sicily and beyond and I am very grateful to the newlyweds. These reviews reflect that the couple went beyond photographic beauty and also appreciated the way I work. Also the newlyweds; but also the boyfriends particularly liked the mode and speed of delivery of the files. This too is a symptom of professionalism, meeting the needs of those who live far from my studio, today with the web the distances are canceled through the use of advanced professional tools “.

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