Wedding book

The thrill of browsing high quality wedding book. An album book with selected photos of the newlyweds, modern and elegant layout. Exclusive products that stand out for quality and excellence; the best book albums selected for the newlyweds.

Your wedding book: the best book of your life

Much more than a simple container: the album is the story of the wedding, which brings to life all the emotions, enhancing them page after page. This is why I follow its creation with special care, the same one that I dedicate to taking, processing and finishing each photograph.

An essential part of your wedding is capturing memories to cherish and, sure enough, photographs will make you relive your big day forever. Turned off the lights, after the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been eaten, the music is over and the guests have gone away are the wedding images that will bring back the joy of that day. No doubt you will certainly want a special place to store and relive all the precious moments of your wedding. The wedding album will be the keeper of your memories. Thanks to innovative technologies, Nino Lombardo will also create a digital gallery for you to have all your photos that are not among those chosen for your album book.

Wedding album in Sicily by photographer Nino Lombardo

Album book: Your story to look at and relate to

The best photo albums to preserve your memories. I carefully select the materials, only from the best producers in the world, and I personally create the layout to enhance the vision and meaning of each image. The memory of a memorable day thus becomes a unique book in the world, your special story.

Here you can see some pages from albums that I made with the same passion that I will put into creating your signature album for your wedding in Sicily.

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