Wedding Photographer Trapani immortalized The bride and groom admire their imperial table

The trends for weddings speak for themselves

You get married and you want a perfect day, the new trend for Sicily wedding will also be the boho chic theme wedding, in addition to the baroque wedding that I explained in the article. The photographs will reflect the natural but chic air, an elegant photo shoot that will tell your emotions in wonderful images!

But what exactly is Boho Chic Style?

Boho chic is a trend that is depopulating in America and recently also in Italy. It is a type of floral wedding, perhaps set in the countryside, where the guests are arranged along a unique imperial table.

Watch the photo shoot made in Castelvetrano for the wedding of Katarzyna and Thomasz, click here. Coordinated by Gustowne Wesele, wedding planners who realize with accurate harmony, weddings for couples who from Poland want to get married in Sicily.

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The decorations of the event prefer the flowers of the season and the atmosphere of the wedding is very relaxed but chic. In short, forget about those weddings in plaster with the guests planted at the tables, the boho chic wedding is characterized by an informal atmosphere where the buffet is often served on a lawn, while you bring them to a single table where the bride and groom sit in the center.

Do you want to get married in 2024 or 2025? Discover the most exclusive trend: the Boho Chic wedding

The boho chic wedding is one of my favorites when it comes to style because people are freer, and more spontaneous in photographs.

Lights used in boho chic weddings are minimal and the boho chic wedding is very reminiscent of the weddings of the past, those of our grandparents, where everything took place as if it were a big party.

The boho chic wedding is one of my favorites when it comes to style because people are more free. It is in fact an informal style but with very elegant tones. Bride and groom and guests are relaxed and enjoying the day with their guests and the photos will be more spontaneous. A photo shoot that captures real moments of the wedding, laughter, hugs, speeches… You can certainly relive all this by leafing through the wedding album, looking at the photographs.

The lights used in boho chic weddings are minimal and the boho chic wedding is very reminiscent of the weddings of the past, those of our grandparents, where everything took place as if it were a big party. A long table under the olive trees, or an imperial table in the courtyard of a villa.

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The perfect dress for a boho chic wedding

The wedding reportage in Trapani that I photographed in Baglio Sorìa. Pippi, the bride of this wedding, had a beautiful white, elegant and unique dress by More Brides. The Palermo-based atelier of tailored suits, tailored wedding dresses made by Morena Fanny Raimondo.

Bride wore a splendid crown of fresh flowers in her hair, coordinated with her bouquet. The bride had an essential but effective and very natural make-up. See the photo gallery to see the wedding in Baglio Sorìa.

Wedding photo shoot in Trapani Boho Chic theme wedding
Wedding photoshoot boho chic theme in Trapani, Sicily

To trust in the professionalism of a wedding planner

It is therefore often advisable to rely on a wedding planner who will be able to find the right solutions for the newlyweds and also make some small couple wishes. Some unusual ideas and requests met by professionals in the wedding sector. In this wedding in Trapani the perfect result is the work of Romina Davì, a wedding planner from Palermo who expertly coordinated the wedding and fulfilled the dream of the newlyweds.

As I explained before and as you can see in the images, in boho chic weddings a mise en place is preferred arranged on a single table for all the guests. Long decorated with white candles and floral arrangements. As for the fabrics to be used to cover the central part of the tables, the simple ones should be preferred, with shades close to the colors of the earth. As for example you can see from these photos of a wedding in Sicily in a private villa in Castelvetrano.

But making a wedding of this type requires attention and a person who organizes it in the best way, so that all the elements go well together, such as the lights, the decorations and the details.

Wedding photographer in Trapani boho chic theme wedding in baglio Sorìa
Trapani photographer for wedding in Baglio Soria

It is important that everything is accurate and effective.

It is important that everything is accurate and effective. The final result can certainly be seen through the wedding photographs. A harmonious photo shoot like your wonderful wedding in Sicily.

Another important element not to be underestimated is the choice of the church for the religious reception, or if you opt for a civil wedding the choice of the most suitable municipal hall. The couple for this boho chic theme wedding got married in the small historic church San Liberale in Trapani, which has a churchyard and where I made this beautiful image of the bride and groom on leaving the church.

Surely the season doesn't matter, because even a Italy winter wedding can be unique, special and magical!

Wedding in Trapani photos of the spouses in San Liberale
Sicily, Wedding photoshoot in Trapani in San Liberale church

Even the choice of the car to rent for the newlyweds must be in line with the trend and theme of a boho chic wedding. The car must be vintage or retro as in the case of the wedding in Baglio Sorìa. Where the newlyweds chose a volkswagen van from the 70s to get to the reception after taking some photos in the historic center of Trapani in Sicily

Volkswagen minibus for Boho Chic theme wedding in Trapani
The car of the newlyweds in the historic center of Trapani for wedding in Sicily

Or as in the case of this Polish couple who married in a private villa in Castelvetrano and who instead chose a convertible car from the 1960s.

Conclusion Marriage Boho Chic Theme

Boho chic weddings are romantic and essential, this image below captures their essence and simplicity, but remember that nothing is left to chance. In fact, to have beautiful memories such as images and videos and to have an ideal setting for the theme, you will have to rely only on expert and competent people! You have already organized your destination wedding in Italy or Sicily; but are you considering postponing it? Read the article on the blog with tips for changing the wedding date.

Boho chic wedding photo shoot in Trapani with the best spontaneous shots
Photo shoot in Trapani for wedding

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In conclusion

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