Favignana Fotografo per Matrimonio intimo a Cala Bue Marino, reportage pubblicato su Elle Spose Italia

Favignana, on the sea of Sicily the wedding of Patrick and Stephanie in the shots of the Wedding Photographer for Publishes Photoreportage on Elle Spose. An article dedicated to a wedding photo shoot on the island of Favignana.

The Wedding On A Deserted Island With A Breathtaking View Of The Unspoiled Sea

Photographs that tell of a special wedding. Less than 30 guests in front of the immensity of the sea of the Egadi Islands. The article with the reportage of the Trapani photographer "The wedding of Patrick and Stephanie on the sea of Sicily in the shots of Nino Lombardo" is written by GIOVANNI BATTISTA SPARACIO on the Wedding Photographer for ELLE Spose Nino Lombardo. A photographer who travels all over the world from his city to shoot, reportage and photo shoots for weddings and engagements. A natural photographic style much appreciated in the international wedding sector. Read the reviews about photographer in Italy. Look at the pictures by nino winning awarded.

Favignana Photographer for Wedding Ceremony Bue Marino, reportage published on Elle Spose Italia

"We are in Sicily in one of the most spectacular places of the Egadi Islands: Cala del Bue Marino in Favignana where Patrick and Stephanie, both Australians, have decided to make the wedding day even more memorable. absolutely unique and with a strong emotional impact that has contributed to creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere not only for the spouses, but also for the 25 guests who attended the wedding.

Favignana Photographer for intimate Wedding in Cala Bue Marino, reportage published on Elle Spose Italia

The tone of the wedding is decidedly intimate and reserved and reflects the wishes of the spouses who love Sicily in its most authentic representation. In fact, from the top of this magnificent headland on the sea, Patrick and Stephanie have sworn eternal love. The entire photo shoot was made by Nino Lombardo, an expert in telling the wedding with extreme elegance and with a particular sensitivity that respects such an important moment.

Reportage Wedding Ceremony in Favignana, exchange of faiths in Cala Bue Marino

As a Sicilian, he knows the territory very well and therefore his photo shoots are set in secret but beautiful places. Unique glimpses that tell the poetry of a day that will remain forever in the memory. As well as his shots that excite "

The spouses, Reportage Photo Service in Favignana Nino Lombardo Photographer

Publishes Photoreportage on Elle Spose

Made in Favignana as a Wedding Photographer Elle Spose (written only in Italian version) also published it on dedicated social networks: the Official Elle Spose facebook page and instagram profile @mr_bridal_elle. Read our post on how to choose the photographer for your wedding.

Favignana Photographer for Matrimonio Baglio sull'Acqua, reportage published on Elle Spose Italia

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