Photos of newlyweds in Stromboli for wedding

Getting married in Sicily, Pictures in Stromboli for weddings, reportage on the volcanic island, cheerful spontaneous modern photos that reflect your event. In fact, the island of Stromboli is dominated by its great volcano, a land of fire, with a sea of warm waters and a black seabed in contrast with the milky white buildings.

Are you getting married in Stromboli? It is a perfect place both for intimate weddings and for wedding celebrations with a few friends and relatives. But Stromboli is also ideal for a romantic getaway on a romantic and beautiful island. Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Stromboli in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands? Contact now the wedding photographer in Stromboli, ask for the availability of dates for your preferred period.

A breathtaking scenery will envelop the reportage of your wedding in Stromboli between unspoiled nature, typical streets, colors, smells and flavors of an unexpected Sicily! In fact, a photo shoot in Stromboli reflects the Sicilian island perfectly. Among the favorite destinations of engaged couples who get married in Sicily from all over the world, Stromboli is among the most popular destinations!

Photographs in Stromboli for weddings

A great privilege to be a wedding photographer in Stromboli. Making photo shoots in the smaller islands in Sicily has an alternative flavor. In fact, even from the images you can perceive an organization and an intimate and carefree atmosphere. Not formal and very emotional weddings. Beautiful Sicily Wedding Venue to Destination Wedding in Italy. A wedding in the name of the Mediterranean, Stromboli is the ideal destination for a wedding between unspoiled nature and an incredible volcano overlooking the sea. Pictures in Stromboli for weddings. And sometimes… you can see its suggestive explosions and launches of lapilli in a starry sky.

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You can go to Stromboli by hydrofoil or by ferry from Milazzo and Messina, in some periods there are also connections from Naples and Palermo. As soon as you arrive in Stromboli you immediately breathe an island air of calm and tranquility. The inhabitants are kind and hospitable and the sleeping solutions are of various types.

The disembarkation of motorized means of transport is allowed only to residents. However, there is only one driveway. The small streets of the town of Stromboli can be explored on foot or by electric taxis. These taxis are the typical electric Golf cars or the Piaggio Ape whizzing through the streets of Stromboli. For weddings, the island's taxis are set up for a party to accompany the bride and groom to the church or to the place of the wedding ceremony.

Do you want to get married on a small Sicilian island?

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Getting married in June or September is a dream time for engaged couples from all over the world who are looking for an island to get married. Surely in the Aeolian Islands the temperatures are mild in spring and autumn and you will have relatively long days with a luxuriant nature. Lights, colors and atmospheres are the same as in the summer season; but you will not be surrounded by waves of tourists.

Do not worry about sunset times, I will be able to advise you to have photographs of your wedding in Stromboli that will tell your day. Pictures in Stromboli for weddings: An elegant wedding reportage in the Aeolian Islands that covers the moments of your most beautiful day, your wedding in Stromboli.

Getting married in Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands in Sicily

Whether you have chosen to celebrate an intimate wedding with a few friends and relatives, a marriage proposal photo shoot, or a romantic getaway you two alone, I will tell the wonders of the places and the most beautiful moments of that day with a refined and discreet style. Every time you watch your reportage in Stromboli you will relive the emotions of those moments. You will be able to browse the photos from your phone, watch the images on your computer or smart TV; but also to browse an album book that I can edit for you.

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Before setting a certain date, check my availability. I do a photo shoot a day to ensure my presence. Book now the exclusive date for your event in Stromboli, write me!

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