Wedding party photo story of a wedding in western Sicily by Nino Lombardo

Sicily, photo reportage at the wedding reception: Photo story of Wedding party very spectacular. When the "classic reception" leaves room for fun ... the photographic story of a spectacular wedding party is born! Sicilian-style wedding reception with a real party where friends and relatives become the protagonists of the day together with the newlyweds. A photo shoot consisting of dancing and laughter; but also of expressions such as funny faces, hugs, kisses and toasts.

Elisa & Marco's wedding party

Photographs of unforgettable moments of joy and happiness! The photo shoot at Baglio Strafalcello in the province of Trapani faithfully reflects the mood with which the couple organized the reception of their friends and relatives at their wedding. Read the reviews of the Spouses, the testimonies on the photoshoot in Sicily made by Nino Lombardo.

How can a reportage tell an event in its most candid and pure form? Nino Lombardo's photo shoots are true all-round reportages. While the joy accompanied by good music captures friends and relatives present at the wedding, the photographer will capture the moments to relive for you. In fact, the photographic reportage of the wedding party, for this Sicilian-themed wedding fully involves those who scroll through the images.

Photo story of Wedding party

Pictures to Sicilian wedding theme

Photographs that overwhelm those who pass them in a joyful and cheerful whirlwind! In my photo shoots, what the couple wanted for their wedding is perfectly clear. I don't like fiction. if the bride and groom have fun, the wedding photos will be as fun as they are. When friends are the protagonists of a wedding with the newlyweds, the photo shoot will see friends as an important part of the story. Elisa and Marco are spontaneous and cheerful, they organized more than just a reception; but a real "Wedding Party".

Photo shoot in Baglio Strafalcello

What enchanting place can be the backdrop for such a lively and festive wedding reception?

Far from the clamor of the inhabited center ... In a Sicilian hill in the province of Trapani stands this ancient structure that dominates a rural landscape and the view reaches far to the sea. Baglio Strafalcello is a nineteenth-century vineyard renovated and lent to receptions and events is a perfect location for Sicilian-themed wedding photographs. Elisa and Marco for the wedding reception chose the court of the baglio. Browse other reportage of wedding photo shoots.

Each of us, perhaps once in a lifetime, imagines their own wedding. It may happen to watch a film and think about the choices that would be made in the place of the protagonists. Or go to the wedding of friends and relatives to catapult yourself into dreaming of the big day. Look at the Awards Nino Lombardo's wedding and engagement photographs that have received international recognition

Which theme to choose for the wedding?

For those who want a real wedding party full of music and dancing, friends and fun ... There is a theme for weddings that is loved not only by those who live there in Sicily; but also for weddings with destination Sicily from all over the world: Sicilian wedding theme. Just what we tell with the photos that you can view on this blog page. Surely the Sicilian themed wedding photographs will shine like the joy that will be in the air!

Ideal illuminations to frame the reception

Festive lights, in fact the lights as perfect frames for a wedding reportage in the name of joy. Specialized in the field of lighting, the company Luminarie Jmg of Palermo, has created this splendid setting! A special background for the wedding photographer who must always be present and never invasive, ready to capture gestures, grimaces, actions of unrepeatable moments.

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The theme for the wedding is a consequence of the style we would like for our big day and also a reflection of our character and our tastes. Sober and elegant wedding; but informal, for a Boho chic theme and a photo shoot that reflects you, it will surely have romantic tones. Find out more by reading the article: Sicily Photographer to Boho Chic Themed Wedding.

Do you want a wedding in style, with many guests and beautiful and brilliant wedding photographs? The Sicilian Baroque style for weddings is the right theme for you ... Perfect as an elegant and spontaneous reportage for weddings. On the blog you can read more about the trend picture of the Baroque Theme Wedding.

Conclusion of the photo story of a Wedding party

The photo shoot must reflect the soul of the couple. On the blog you can read an article on "How to choose a wedding photographer". Choosing a photographer for your wedding is an essential part ... better opt for those who have a photographic style that matches your tastes!

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