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You and your emotions in Sicily protagonists of the Photographs for Wedding Service in Menfi, natural and modern pictures. It will be all a wonderful side dish, created exclusively for you, by the international photographer for the best events Nino Lombardo. TOP 100 has been proclaimed by the Wedding Photojournalist Association as one of the...


You and your emotions in Sicily protagonists of the Photographs for Wedding Service in Menfi, natural and modern pictures. It will be all a wonderful side dish, created exclusively for you, by the international photographer for the best events Nino Lombardo. TOP 100 has been proclaimed by the Wedding Photojournalist Association as one of the best wedding photojournalists in the world.

Menfi Photographs Wedding Service

An enchanting location for every wedding photographs for Menfi wedding photoshoot in Sicily.
If you want spontaneous and non-artifact photos, if you want real photos that speak of you, your relatives and friends you just have to contact Sicily destination wedding photographer in Agrigento, Nino Lombardo. Professional and professional, indiscreet and never intrusive, the photographer with his great experience is able to deal with any type of light, situation and unexpected. It exclusively carries out one photo shoot per day to ensure its presence. Punctual, precise and confident, he delivers the digital gallery in the times requested by the spouses, read the spouses’ reviews and testimonials on the photographer and on the photo shoots. View more destination wedding photo reportage from photographer based in Sicily.

Location in Sicily for every wedding

Photographs of a wedding photo shoot in Menfi. When a couple contacts me for his wedding I always feel the honor. But also the burden of having to include in a few pages the experience of two people who have decided to share their future. But today I use innovative and cutting-edge tools to easily reach the newlyweds and give them a fantastic digital photo gallery with countless images and details. To find out all the services I offer with my photo shoots, contact me, you will receive an answer as soon as possible, we are always online!

The wedding day cannot in fact be reduced to a few hours, but it is the goal of a journey that the two lovers have walked holding hands. Like two athletes playing on the same team … So, the newlyweds have put their strength into the big field that is life. And also their passion and the feeling that binds them.
The location chosen to crown the arrival at the wedding destination is a fundamental element, Ettore and Laura chose Il Vigneto resort. Place that talks about the tastes of the couple and his way of wanting to celebrate the love that unites them. In Menfi beauty, culture and tradition certainly come together in a harmonious mix that makes each shot unique and special.

From the first to the last click on wedding day

Marriage, besides representing an arrival, is also a new beginning. It is projected to the future, full of hopes, desires and certainly ambitions. Photographs of a wedding photo shoot in Menfi. A wedding reportage for Ettore and Laura in Menfi to remember their big day.

In all my finished work the aim is to enclose the entire life journey of the spouses and the couple. At the same time catching the feeling of happy expectation for the life to come. For this reason I love working with them even in the days before the wedding.

Many couples focus their attention only on the day of the ceremony…

…But I often suggest devoting significant space to the period of preparation for the big step. An engagement photo session, before the wedding.

Following the spouses in that phase for me means being able to capture through the shots the crescendo of the emotions that the lovers feel. For those who decide to crown their dream of love at Menfi, even in these moments you can enjoy an enchanting setting.

Menfi photo-story to best wedding in Sicily

For every shot a place. The absolute protagonists of every wedding album are undoubtedly the spouses. Gestures, expressions and looks tell, of course, more than a thousand words, the intensity of their love. However, as well as an important picture, it needs a suitable framework to be enhanced … even wedding photos must have the right context. Menfi is a perfect location both for the images to be previewed and for telling the wedding day. Its streets, its views and of course its beaches are perfect places to be the background of the most beautiful love stories.

Ettore and Laura chose to celebrate their wedding at Il Vigneto resort and restaurant in Menfi. Definitely a beautiful outdoor reception. In the photographs of the Menfi Wedding Photoshoot in Sicily the location is the perfect background also for photo booths.

Wedding reportage in Sicily, photographs

First the most intense moments of the days before the ceremony. Then the choice of a church to pronounce the fateful yes is also the place to celebrate the marriage. Concluding with the perfect photographer for the photographs of the wedding service in Menfi! And finally the long-awaited wedding day.

In short, among the countless places of extraordinary beauty present in Sicily, certainly Menfi is undoubtedly one of the most suitable locations for creating a complete wedding album and with perfect historical and natural backgrounds to frame an eternal love. It will be possible to create the part of the photo shoot that follows the moments following the wedding celebration.

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Agrigento wedding photographer with photojournalistic style for a real story of your most beautiful day. A reportage of elegant and spontaneous marriage. Created by the International Wedding Photographer Nino Lombardo. Menfi Photographs Wedding Service. Of course the photographer for Weddings in Sicily is also available to travel outside his region. In conclusion, read the wedding photographer reviews by the spouses. Top Wedding Photographer in Sicily to Best Wedding Event in Exclusive Wedding Venue. Also browse the wedding galleries.

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