Sicily, Family Photo in Cefalù at the Beach

The photo shoot for family photos in Cefalù, a trip, a special occasion for spontaneous and fun family photographs. Imagine going to the beach with your family. While you exchange smiles and hugs, the photographer captures your joyful moments. The family photographer will tell your photo shoot in a beautiful and authentic way. Photographing children playing naturally and capturing the eyes of grandparents and parents who are pleasantly involved in carefree moments.

Photographs of a trip to Sicily

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Family photo in Cefalù

A trip to Italy, a reunited family, a photographer to capture the memory of a beautiful day. With this Canadian family we went up the historic streets of Cefalù. With this Canadian family we went up the historic streets of Cefalù. The occasion was the wedding anniversary of the grandparents (so young). We concluded the family photographs in Cefalù with some beautiful moments on the beach. A perfect place for photographs on the sand with the blue sea in the background. Neutral and candid colors for this family photo session in Cefalù. Their photo shoot looks light and airy, just like a day by the sea. It is fantastic when families are reunited and a photo session is held that enhances personalities, gestures and moments together.

Family pictures

There is no script to follow, be yourself, natural and spontaneous even with your parents and your children. Photographing multiple generations in one shot is a testament to how beautiful family is.

You will get the most beautiful photos of kisses, laughter and jokes! The family photo session is a moment of reunion. A family photo shoot could take place in a park, among the green of trees and plants, games for children and some small lake with animals. For family photos, a beautiful location is the beach, long walks for family photos and maybe stop to observe the sea and play with the ball. During a trip with grandparents and children it can be nice to take family photos in the historic center of a city of art. A family photo shoot among the historical beauties of a city and the union that binds you inextricably! Family pictures that talk about you! Photo shoots family beautiful and amazing pictures of your pleasant ones.

Family photo shoot

I like to offer spontaneous photo shoots and make sure you feel at ease to get the most out of spontaneous family photographs without poses. When children, your children grow up and watch the family photo shoot, they will see how much love, fun and warmth you have brought into their life by thinking about these little things for them. An important goal in family photos is to make photographs so beautiful and authentic that they are worthy of being printed and framed! Some families like to carry photo shoot files in their phone and others make a printed album.

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