Trapani fotografia p'er wedding reportage in Sicilia gli sposi a Torre Ligny

As a wedding photographer in the industry for many years, I couldn't help but talk a little more in detail about my work and my style: wedding reportage.

I am a photographer who prefers spontaneous photos, and as I explained in another article on how to choose the best photographer for your wedding in Italy, for example I specialize in wedding reportage. 

While posed photos were very fashionable in the 80s and 90s, today the spouses tend to prefer a more spontaneous style, like that of wedding reportage. In fact, perfection is no longer trendy. A grimace, a particular look or a kind gesture, captured in the moment they happen, are worth more than a posed and perfect photo! Because in imperfection the importance is given to the photographic style and the use of natural light and without flashes that invade the wedding scenes.

I love this genre because being borrowed from photo journalism it is a style that represents me as a photographer and as an artist.

Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo

The wedding reportage... my point of view

First of all, for me it is essential to create harmony with the bride and groom, trying to give them serenity and security, especially anxious brides... After months of preparation it is natural to want everything to go perfectly. But I always recommend relying on experienced and professional suppliers specialized in weddings. In this way the spouses will be able to enjoy the wedding day with their guests, the wedding professionals will do the rest.

Brides can be nervous on their wedding day with the anticipation surrounding the big event. As a photographer my task is to create a harmony with the spouses, and to create a reportage at the height of their dreams: the photo shoot of your wedding in Sicily.

Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo

In wedding reportage it is also important to interpret the day taking into account the traditions linked to the couple's culture.

I am Sicilian and I have photographed many couples in my region, nevertheless I have also made wedding reportages in other areas of Italy and around the world. And one thing I have always focused on was to take into account the context in which I was photographing.

It is important in wedding reportage, if you do not know the culture thoroughly, to study and document yourself to better capture all the most significant moments of the wedding to be photographed.

Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo

My style of wedding reportage is based on emotion, on capturing the elegance of the day and on finding impressive views.

Although in the wedding reportage the photos are very spontaneous, there are also moments in the couple's pose. Pic with relatives, friends, witnesses are important for the couple and are included in the service to real memories of guests in wedding day.

I observe a lot the guests, the family of the groom and the bride, the witnesses, and I take spontaneous moments not only between the couple but also between the couple and the guests.

Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo

Photographic style for wedding

The reportage to marriage is not an easy style to create, as many may think. Not because the photos are spontaneous then it means that this photo shoot was easy to do.

It is important that a wedding reportage be done by a professional, this is because it takes speed of execution and thought, discipline and passion. Natural and spontaneous photos don't mean shooting as much as I can; but the ability to seize the moment! Look at the Awards, photographs by Nino that have been rewarded at international levels.

Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo

While shooting, I mentally construct a story throughout the day to deliver a wedding reportage that is the story of an important day.

In fact, as you can imagine, my images are not random but the result of years of study and experience in the field.

Real Emotions capturing by Best Wedding Photographer in Sicily

If you liked my style and how I create a wedding reportage you can contact me for more information and request availability for your preferred period.

Or you can view all the wedding galleries that you can find here and you will discover how "with a different look at marriage" the Sicilian photographer stands out with original and unique shots for the best destinations weddings in Sicily.

Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo

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Wedding photo reportage from best Sicily Photographer Nino Lombardo in Paris

Are you getting married and you want a reportage style photo shoot? Contact the Sicily wedding photographer! You can request more information by filling out the contact form.

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