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Give a photo shoot to the one you love for a perfect Christmas gift! Always looking for the perfect and ideal Christmas gift, original and surprising! Are you looking for a gift idea for your girlfriend? Here is a perfect solution! A photo shoot in Italy can be the ideal solution for a loved one. By purchasing a photo shoot voucher you will make a gift of inestimable value!

Perfect Christmas gift

Online Christmas gift, Voucher for an outdoor photo shoot. Request your voucher on WhatsApp or by e-mail. Do you like the idea of giving a photo shoot? Write us for more information.

Original gift for her

Your marriage proposal photographed by Nino Lombardo. Following a photo session with your girlfriend. Romantic, original fun gift to stop a unique moment! Think a trip in Italy... Contact the photographer for your original and unique Christmas gift. it will be a surprise in the surprise! For an amazing Christmas! Definitely an original Christmas gift for her; but also for you together!

Gift ideas for him and her

Are you looking for a special gift for those you love and want an original idea? Give a voucher for a couple photo shoot. An ideal Christmas gift for your girlfriend! For more information with all the details on the voucher and on the service to buy, contact the photographer in Sicily now! Check out some couple photo shoots already done in Italy!

If you have decided to ask her to get married, you can give your girl the photo shoot for the surprise marriage proposal. It will be a moment to remember through unforgettable photographs. Request information on the wedding proposal photo shoot! Browse Wesley and Charlotte's album, discover the wedding proposal in Cefalù! A great experience in Sicily!

Give a pre-wedding service

Photo shoot before the wedding, an original Christmas gift! Request the voucher for your pre wedding photo shoot. Contact us now for your Christmas gift! Make those you love happy, give a pre-wedding photo shoot. Look at other engaged couples who have chosen to do the pre-wedding photo shoot.

For the family, an ideal gift!

Are you thinking of an original gift for Christmas? The family, your relatives deserve a moment together that remains in history! Give your family members a family photo shoot! Look at the family photos taken in Sicily, a family photo shoot given by the children for their parents' anniversary! Perfect gift to capture some moments of your reunited family.

Sicily family anniversary gift to shooting in Cefalù

Your family memories are worth more than a selfie! Taking pictures alone can be fun; but you won't always get the photos you were hoping for! Are you looking for an ideal gift, a perfect gift, a special gift for you and your family? What you need is a family photo shoot, contact the photographer now to request the voucher!

Original gifts for Christmas

Christmas is upon us, photographs are an original gift! Buy a voucher for an outdoor photographer service! Think about giving a couple photo shoot for Christmas. Or Give a photo session before the wedding. Surely an original idea for Christmas could also be a voucher to take some engagement photos. Are you looking for a gift idea for the whole family? Give your time, buy a family photo shoot.

For your perfect Christmas gift, contact the photographer now for information and purchase the photo shoot voucher! Request your digital gift voucher for an outdoor photo shoot!

An exceptional gift, surprise with original and exclusive gift ideas. The best gift ideas for Christmas dedicated to those you love. A gift for your son or daughter. The original idea for the whole family. Christmas gifts for your parents or your best friend. Unique and original Christmas gift is a photo shoot made by Nino Lombardo. Surprise and amaze friends and family with a personalized gift!

Your photo session with those you love or for those you love! The photographer is available for photo shoots both in Italy and abroad. Write now to the photographer to request your voucher!

Inspire and decorate

From the professional photo shoot you can get wonderful images also to decorate your home.Your perfect Christmas gift will not remain locked in the drawer. Ideal photographs to be enlarged, printed and framed. The best attentive and demanding customers will have a professional service complete with every attention.

Use the photos as a home decor. When you do a photo shoot with a professional, you will have such beautiful photos that you can ask the photographer for a print framed like a real painting!

Order the best gift, a picture with a frame

The photographer will be able to frame your photos in excellent quality. You can choose different formats and frames to display your memories both at home and in the office. Framed prints for gifts of all occasions. In search of the perfect Christmas gift, you can surprise your girlfriend, your family or a friend with a photo shoot. You can then give away one of our frames with photos made in the professional service.

Perfectly suited as home accessories, we could make a single large framed photo or a series of photo shoots. Custom sizes and shapes for every wall in the house, dining room, lounge, living room, kitchen, bedroom; but also for the office! The new trends also suggest photos with frames simply placed like works of art… on a sideboard or shelf; but also photos with frames placed on the ground. Perfect gifts for Christmas; but also for birthdays, anniversaries and other events! Don't rule out that you could even give yourself a gift!

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