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For his spectacular images the best wedding photography awards from specialized judges to the Sicilian photographer Nino Lombardo. The best wedding photographers in Italy and in the world produce reportages that go beyond simple photography. Mainly he looks at how with “a different look at marriage” the photographer realizes the wedding services in Italy and everywhere. Certainly for his innate artistic sense and “seeing beyond the lens” Nino Lombardo has been awarded awards for his wedding photographs.Every year numerous competitions are held for wedding photographs and has been awarded as one of the 100 best wedding photographers. For your exclusive wedding reportage contact international wedding photographer. Ask quote and available to your wedding in Italy.

Award the best wedding photographs.

Wedding photographers photograph what will be the most important day in the lives of many couples. The best wedding photographers from all over the world are celebrated for their craftsmanship thanks to the international awards for wedding photographers of the year. Reward only captivating and engaging photos

International marriage associations

Associations perfect for wedding photographers who are not only the best in the world. And they are passionate about great wedding photographs. A showcase of the best wedding photographers in the world. Awards that show the most amazing wedding photographs. But they are also passionate photographers of their own photography! First of all, associate photographers must be approved by selective teams, which ensure that the wedding photographer seeks only the best. Other directories and international associations admit wedding photographers by invitation only.

Why choose a professional wedding photographer?

Modern and modern photographic cut, updates for the new potentialities of technology, wise use of light and shadows. And then the good photographs “speak”. The photographer is in fact an artist and, as such, he sees what we do not even imagine. Certainly the thirty-year experience of the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo is a guarantee. Both on the day of the wedding and in the post production and delivery of the work. Regarding the professionalism of the photographer you can read the testimonies of those who have already married and used the services of Nino Lombardo, Awards wedding diamond photos.

Recognition of Awards wedding & diamond photos

The awards assigned to the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo are in fact a clear hallmark of his professionalism. A clean photographic style that tells the wedding day in a conscious way. If you want to know more about the wedding photographer Nino Lombardo click here.

The photographer’s blog

In conclusion, read some advice and points of view of the photographer for your wedding or for a photo shoot.

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Where are you getting married?

Wonderful, elegant, sumptuous, chic, the many Wedding venues in Sicily satisfy the requests of the most demanding brides:

Italy Destination weddings

Unique and unrepeatable events in different places, certainly full of emotions. View Italy destination Wedding Photoshoot. Watch the reports of couples who have chosen to get married away from home, for example from Ireland to Taormina or from America to Modica. But also photo shoots outside the region, wedding photographer on Lake Como for a Persian wedding. Or Wedding Photographer in Reggio nell’Emilia for a civil wedding, wedding reportage in India for a Hindu wedding …

Photographer and social media

Continuously follow the updates on the official Facebook page Nino Lombardo photographer to browse and view some of his wedding reports. You can also find the wedding photographer on Instagram: @ninolombardofotografo. And also on Pinterest where you can surely get inspired on the Nino Lombardo Photographer profile.

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