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Photographs of engagements, pre marriage or couple, can be whatever you want them to be, I photograph them with pleasure. They are always fun! I recommend them to everyone.

They are especially recommended if you are worried about being shy on your wedding day. Sicily engagement photoshoot. In fact, this way you won’t even notice the camera and it’s a great chance to get to know each other a little better.

Since the photographs are all about you it is good to think about what you will wear. Surely you would like to choose your best clothes; but better to think about what might work well in a photograph.

Pre-wedding photo sessions are relaxed and never stressful!

You can plan a place that best fits the type of couple you are. Nothing can be excluded. From busy city streets, to the countryside or to the beach. Everything is allowed, as long as you feel comfortable. Feel free to share your ideas with me. Notify me if you intend to make a surprise and bring a ring with you. Or if you have even bigger creative ideas, we can talk about them together!

What I like best is creating a little story and planning it with you. Sicily engagement photoshoot. I am genuinely interested in people and, in particular, how they both relate to each other as a couple. My goal is always to capture you two as naturally as possible.

Looking for a photographer for engagements, pre-marriages and couples?

If you plan to do a photo shoot and look for a photographer for engagements, pre-marriages and couples. Contact me for more information.

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Browse the Wedding Gallery or Nino wedding photographer portfolio. You read the testimonials about Sicily photographer of the spouses. You can look at the winning award photographs. To carry out the photo shoot of your wedding in Sicily, contact Nino Lombardo is available not only in Favignana; but also in the rest of Sicily: Palermo, Agrigento, Trapani, Ragusa … and also outside Sicily.

Wherever you are Nino can be there, for you to photograph your emotions!
Request availability for your day, Nino carries out one photo shoot a day exclusively.

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