Foto micro wedding per matrimonio intimo a Castelluzzo, San Vito

Reportage in Sicily, Elopement Wedding Photo in Castelluzzo. Photographer to smart wedding or small wedding between sea and nature. The Micro Wedding, Small Wedding or Minimony is the new fashion trend for engaged couples. Call it what you want, away from everything and everyone or with a few close friends as a focus on the spouses and love.

Elopement in Castelluzzo to Sicily Wedding

You and your soul mate surrounded by nature, cheek to cheek, eye to eye. Without distractions, interruptions and dozens of eyes staring at you while you exchange your promises of love! You will feel free and without rules, just you and nature. A celebrant reads phrases of love and union for you. Instead the photographer, indiscreet and almost invisible, captures your wedding moments with the frame of the Sicilian Baglio.

A natural and modern photo shoot in these intimate wedding photos in Castelluzzo, a special and unique place. Your love story deserves to be told with wonderful and perfect photographs, as authentic as you are. In fact, what matters is that you get married and that you can have the story of your love story. The photographer in Sicily captures your love by photographing your small gestures, your emotions with real and surprising images.

Surely photographs of the wedding eloping couples are magic just like you! Get married in Sicily, now! Perfect opportunity to celebrate your love exactly the way you want it. Escape of love means feeling free on the day you say "I do", as you will only focus on each other. Above all, escapades offer couples the opportunity to celebrate privately and have many special moments, which is difficult in a traditional wedding.

Plan your intimate wedding, the romantic getaway of your dreams! Contact the intimate wedding photographer who will make your memories come alive!

The photos alone might be worth a getaway for some people! For some couples, honeymoon and marriage can be two for one if a romantic getaway is organized. Other couples turn escapes into family trips by involving children and parents, planning a wedding during a vacation.

Wedding Elopement, Small wedding, Micro Wedding in Sicily

Small weddings and intimate weddings, smart or micro weddings, look like the foreseeable future right now as we make our way through this uncertain time. However, just because the size is small doesn't mean a celebration can't be as magical as a larger event. In fact, long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the planet, we were already seeing an increase in small marriages. From intimate garden ceremonies to romantic dinner receptions seated in a vineyard.

In micro weddings nothing is missing! In reality, only the number of guests is small. The bride and groom always want to have an impeccable mise en place and a dream wedding cake! Music to brighten up the evening and in some weddings even dance, can the "first dance" be missing? So, whether you've dismissed your big party but want to honor your original wedding date, or you've just set your sights on an intimate wedding, magic is guaranteed!

There are no rules when you love! See photo shoots to destination Wedding in Sicily, couples who have chosen to get married away from home to crown their love.

Elopement Wedding Photo in Castelluzzo

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the place of your dreams. A magical location for small weddings between nature and uncontaminated sea, the Baglio Giammaccarro. Sicilian baglio with a perfect courtyard for your wedding, on the slopes of the Monte Cofano nature reserve and overlooking the Gulf of Castelluzzo. Best location for intimate weddings away from the city; but a stone's throw from the sea surrounded by nature. In addition, the baglio is located a few kilometers from the beautiful beach of San Vito Lo Capo.

Smart wedding or romantic getaway, a small wedding does not exclude details and suppliers that will make your special day unique! Serenity and relaxation will be the masters on the morning of the wedding. Enjoy the wonderful view of the Gulf of Castelluzzo from the Baglio solarium, while your favorite objects, the décolleté, the perfume and the beautiful bouquet created by Michele Iovino are ready in the room.

That day every bride will have to choose a makeup that makes her feel more comfortable, and it is important not to want to look different at all costs. It's great to stay true to yourself as much as possible because the important thing is to feel good!

Make-up artist

For your Sicilian wedding the make-up artist Noemi Ferlito recommends a natural make-up; but that enhances the strong points of your face. In fact, the bride's makeup is there; but you can't see it thanks to Noemi's great experience in Sicily. In this intimate wedding photo in Castelluzzo, the make-up has sober and natural colors with neutral tones to achieve an elegant and sophisticated bridal look.

There are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles that you can choose to feel beautiful on your most special day. The wedding style, dress, neckline and hair type must be taken into consideration. Factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right hairstyle for the wedding. On this occasion Nadia Gambicchia opted for loose and natural hair. A conscious and perfect choice to enhance the bride and the dress of the Atelier More Spose. To get a natural but neat result with a hairstyle for the bride with loose short hair.

Atelier to wedding dress

Created by Morena Fanny Raimondo, the wedding dress is the tangible and inevitable sign of a wedding celebration. Country-chic cut for this dress recommended by the Atelier More in Palermo. As unique as the wedding day, this dress was handcrafted. In the photo shoot of the intimate wedding in Castelluzzo, the wedding dress is an element that completes your wedding images.

Flower design

The floral decorations in this location will be a kit of nature that is already present at the Baglio di Castelluzzo. For this location, the Trapani flower design Michele Iovino creates compositions to harmonize the context of the wedding. Surely the flower designer also for the bride's bouquet prefers a harmony of soft colors to replace the classic bouquet. In fact, with his great experience Michele will create unique and personalized floral creations for your wedding in Sicily. Not just the choice of flowers; but also the compositions that harmonize with the Sicilian theme of your intimate wedding. Hire the perfect photographer for your Elopement Wedding Photo in Castelluzzo, unknown Sicily!

Cake designer

Together with the newlyweds, as in every party, there is another protagonist: the cake! Oh yes, you can't miss a special Wedding Cake made by Elisabetta Garziano. The Sicilian cake designer creates the most beautiful wedding cakes in an artisanal way! She can fulfill your wishes by personalizing your wedding cake. Elisabetta loves wedding design because through her techniques she is able to express your love.

May everything be perfect, just as you wish!

A reportage photographer in Sicily

I am a big believer in making dream wedding photo shoots. I love intimate events and escapes of love and would be honored to be part of your special day… Create and capture every moment and emotion that arises within you in my wedding photographs. You only get married once with the same person, there is no right or wrong way to organize your wedding! I will photograph the details of your day for you and capture your unique and unrepeatable moments!

After days and weeks of planning to have a unique wedding with your love ... believe it or not, the wedding day will fly away in the blink of an eye. This experience of yours must be remembered and if you give up wedding photographs you will not be able to go back. You deserve to remember your wedding day for many years, to have moments to think about and the ability to relive your wedding day with your friends, family and future generations. I'm here to document every moment of your wedding day.

Couples relive the love escape of their dreams so that they can look back on their wedding day and remember the feelings, emotions and memories they have together through photographs. Elopement Wedding Photo in Castelluzzo, photo reportage to best time in Sicily.

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