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Impressing in pre wedding photos and videos the carefree and happy moments of a couple just a few days before their wedding, capturing the glances, the spontaneous gestures and the mutual affection, against the backdrop of beautiful places, is what the lens of Nino Lombardo, wedding and engagement photo session photographer, does with skill and professionalism.

With a modern outlook, he creates engagement photo sessions that express all the emotions and affection of the future spouses, before the big day. Unforgettable moments that remain impressed in magical shots, in the most beautiful places in Italy and in the world, but that also offer an opportunity to learn more about the person that will follow the couple throughout the day of the wedding.

Of course, the wedding day will be memorable, but also the engagement photo session will have an important place in the memories of the newlyweds, shot in a location close to their heart to have a real memory of places where they spent time together, will thus bring to mind the time before their wedding.

Nino Lombardo’s photographic engagement sessions are carried out throughout Italy and abroad, with the utmost professionalism and with the style and elegance that distinguish him. All shots express the beauty of the chosen places, the almost palpable emotions and feelings of the couple, for an unforgettable memory to relive whenever you want.

Cefalù Photographer

Favignana Photographer

Best time for the engagement photo session

Spontaneous and passionate

With the future spouses through the streets of Modica


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