Nino Lombardo’s Wedding Award

A wedding to Erice, a moment of dual beauty, a natural photography.

I took this photograph during a photo shoot wedding in Erice, Sicily. I’m looking for more natural moments when the bride and groom and their friends and relatives of spontaneous attitudes and not dictated by someone, photographer, videographer or others who are present at the wedding.

Here, in this photograph taken from the photo shoot of a wedding in the beautiful location of Erice, you can catch a triple beauty: the bride, the Castle of Venus and always the bride that is even more beautiful. And then the black and white I love very much with its contrasts and the thousand shades of gray to conclude with the suggestive ray of sunlight that illuminates the face of the bride!

A photographer service for a wedding in Sicily elegant and spontaneous, as my photo journalist photographic journalist style represents. And it has come an award from this prestigious photographic association English “WPS – Wedding Photographer Select” judging the photographs of the best photographers around the world to inspire marriage lcoppie most demanding and have the best for their wedding.

from WPS
We are an international wedding association passionate about great wedding photography, great wedding photographers and inspiring couples all over the world. At WPS you will find the world’s best wedding photographers showcasing the most amazing wedding photos. If you are as passionate about your wedding photography as we are, you’ve come to the right place. All our photographers must first be given the stamp of approval by the WPS Team which ensures you are searching only the very best in the industry.

WPS – The Home Of The World’s Best Wedding Photographers!

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