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Antonio + Stella • Church of the Jesuits, Trapani • Villa Favorita, Marsala

Between “The Kiss” of Klimt and the kiss of Hayez, the two spouses are enclosed in their intimacy wrapped in the veil of the bride, despite being in a great panoramic and evocative context. Timeless and timeless photography is an ode to love.

Sicilia. Photo service made between Trapani and Marsala, in my beautiful Sicily, for two wedding promises that have chosen to celebrate their wedding with a religious rite in the Church of the Jesuits of Trapani and receive their guests at Villa Favorita of Marsala.

On the wedding day, the photo service began at Antonio’s home while preparing for his great day we made some photographs that will be part of the memories of the moments preceding the photographs of the Church Ceremony in Trapani at the Gesuti Church. Photos portraying Antonio with his family in pleasant moments.

Photographic service continues at Casa della Sposa, Stella, where I was greeted warmly and cheerfully, although moments of emotion on the wedding day are never lacking. A bridal sun with an intense look.

The wedding ceremony was held with a Catholic rite in the ancient Jesuit Church, located in the historic center of Trapani, after the launch of the rice we stopped for a toast with the newly married couple and their friends in the main street of the city and then go to to make photographic memories of the first moments of Antonio and Stella married.

For the outdoor photo service I have proposed two locations. A spectacular and unprecedented view of Trapani with its most ancient domes of the historic Catholic Churches. Then we stopped at Mothia before arriving in Marsala to catch a spectacular sunset with a marvelous contrast of colors.

The Feast of the Wedding of Antonio and Stella was held in Marsala at the “Favorita Villa”, between dance songs and a great dinner.

Beautiful, sunny, cheerful and inevitably romantic, elegant wedding in Trapani, Sicily, Antonio and Stella.

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